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  1. Case closed - All the same. Even the E Class has some of these imperfections right underneath.
  2. So far mine is working well... sometime I do get the warning of collision especially when I am travelling at fast speed and there is a vehicle in front of me.
  3. See below. This is a picture I took at the brake paddle area. See the uncovered section (Centre-Left of the photo). Want to check if your CLA is the same too ? It looks abnormal as normally such a huge gap should be covered. My old japanese car is better than this !
  4. Same for my car too... I am afraid the 4 screws would look ugly when it rusts in future...
  5. I vote for silver ... a lighter colour would make the car looks bigger
  6. Just receive my CLA180 over the last weekend .... very nice to drive and easy to zip around. After during with the eco on for a few days, I decided to turn it off. Somehow, the aircon setting to just circulate air within the car gets turn off after sometime when the eco mode is on...
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