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  1. original amg? can text or /whatsapp me at nine 15zero24seven seven.
  2. urs is this rim on top? or this one below?
  3. willing to swap with my e200 avg rim + top up to you .
  4. hi all.. gwtting my w213 e200 soon.. have been pumping ron 98 for all my previous car( Swift sports and cla).. i understand w213 min is ron95.. do all of u pump ron 95 or 98? fc will be better and more smooth with 98?
  5. yup. 1 bro pm me but have been a week, no reply from him.
  6. hi, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pOrhPHgMX8 http://www.mercedescla.org/forum/35-cla-interior-styling/10326-8-retrofit-reverse-camera-iphone-mirroring.html I wonder if any bro had done this? can PM me the price?
  7. hmm... seems like no one want? or is it coz the price too high? if any bro interested, let me know how much u all can offer ba.. since i put at my house also useless.
  8. Hi all, Recently i tried to go Taobao to buy door handle storage box for my CLA . However, i think they sent me a wrong one. they sent me one which is for A class. It does not fit my CLA. spent around $45 for the item + shipping and agent fee. Willing to let go at $30. Anyone interested can PM me to arrange http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=41113984164&spm=2014.12193480.0.0
  9. Yup, I was the one driving the mountain grey. was there to get some sponge too.
  10. That was the config that i had initially wanted. However, i was advised by Vim Auto that they would need to cut the cable of the cellink B and connect it themself to a socket to be plug into the 12v socket (because Cellink B's wire supposed to connect directly to fuse). And celink B i wanted to put at the "net" at the passenger side leg area. But it is kinda big. So in the end, i decided that i am not so suay to kenna anything while parking.. so decided to connect the camera to the 12 v socket instead...
  11. ultimately, the power bank would still be required to suck power from the car fuse box in order to charge the power bank. And from what i know, the power bank would need at least 1hour of constant driving to be fully charge. so it depends on your driving patterns. also, in ECO mode where the car will auto shutdown, it will suck power from the battery too..
  12. i went to vim auto and installed blackvue DR650-GW 2 ch. Good camera.. can watch and download the video immediately and wireless-ly. the boss of Vim Auto ( forgot name) quite a nice guy. not pushy and took time to explain those Power Magic Pro, T-Power Alpha and Cellink B. In the end, i did not get those extra power upon his advice. The camera was powered by the power socket infront. all wires nicely hidden except the socket. I did not use those power thingy because i did not want to plug it into the car fuse, which i am afraid that it would void warranty and suck battery. so i gave up parking recording mode. Vim auto do not charge GST and installation fee for installation of camera itself.. if i not wrong, those power option installation they will charge $40. Vim Auto Air Con and Accessories, Blk 9, Defu Lane 10, #01-498, Singapore S539190. Tel: 6281 7990/ 8157 3455
  13. are the replica rims ok/good? as compared to the original normal rim
  14. Hurry tyre beside serene centre... But i am only doubtful about the amg replica rims..
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