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  1. Selling AMG A45 bbk - 1.2k racing chip (b180) - 300 underbrace - 200
  2. Hi just wanna find out.. b180(w246) bbk is compatitAble with which model? Direct bolt on
  3. Can pm me for b180..?
  4. Oh okok. I will send in my car to cycle today.. thanks !!
  5. Hi, I just took over a Nov 2015 B180 today and realised that when I reverse, my car did not have the usually beep beep warning sound, issit faulty? Another thing is my auto start-stop is not working. For the above two issues, could it be the previous owner have done something (ie.vagcom) to the car or something is wrong.. Asked the dealer but he also claimed that he has no idea. Pls help
  6. wtb sprint boaster or similar item (pedal box or TRD) for my B180 (w245) yr 2009. pls sms me 82547087. thanks a lot