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  1. Congrats on yr purchase! Can I just check with you whether its true that C&C has enhanced their Caressential Package for W213 buyers? I saw in another forum that some buyer claims he was given the following and i quote: "4x nano paint protection, 4x interior & upholstery cleaning, 4x aircon cleaning & servicing , 1x battery change, 2x front brake & 1x rear brake and $5.8k service credit " amongst other things... I spoke to my SE about this and he is saying not possible?!
  2. I hate to say this guys but looking at the pics above; the BMW G30 looks lean and mean whilst the w213 looks a bit bloated?
  3. CnC always recommend you change the aircon filter everytime you do the aircon servicing ie the chemical wash of evaporator coil.
  4. Does anybody know when CnC gonna introduce the W213 E250 and E300 models?
  5. Yes, when the car reached about 8-9 years there was a whirring sound when I slowed down. And no jerking at all. I actually ignored the issue but ended up trading in the car for my present ride end 2014 when the supercharger started giving problems as well.
  6. My previous ride W211 2005 model had this feature but never had this situation where I had to use that much strength to negotiate expressway bends at speed. In fact I think the steering was very well weighted. Maybe you should let another workshop check the steering system.
  7. I thought C & C don't do third party claims? Hopefully somebody in the forum with experience of C & C claim process can clarify.
  8. Thanks bro, this is useful info, I am using Meguairs's Gold Shampoo and its orange coloured
  9. Interesting...I been hearing the same thing too. So maybe the difference between RFT and normal tyres is minimal. Any more opinions out there?
  10. I left the key fob on the passenger seat and tried to lock the door from outside..not possible!
  11. I think buying a car we probably know more about the specs etc of the car compared to most SEs coz we would have researched like anything on internet, mags etc. I know I did.
  12. Good to hear that. Hope the problem is totally resolved!
  13. Disappointing to hear this...a fault so obvious and they miss it! Was it a German engineer conducting the clinic or the local SAs?