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  1. Was told the same on warranty of my E200 engine mount when I complained about vibrating steering wheel slightly more than 2 years into ownership. But they changed the engine mount for free out of good will. Instead I was charged for the transmission mount that has to changed at the same time. Was puzzled by this arrangement but did not make a fuss as the transmission mount was much cheaper.
  2. Just let the workers in the tyre shop know that your car is equipped with TPMS and they know what to do. The sensors have to be removed and reinstalled.
  3. I found that when my car battery was weak the electronics of the car went wonky. Example: autolight will not be switched on even during heavy rain, car cannot recognise my key for keyless go. All these "faults" went away after I changed my main battery that was 2.5 years old.
  4. Hi all, Where can I get original New Mercedes rims for W212 FL other than at C&C? Appreciate recommendation and suggestions. Thanks. Corgi
  5. I never understood what it means to cover total demage cost. The insurance I got is replacement of a new car if the car is less than 1 year old and 110% of market price of the car after the first year if it is deemed not economical for repair after an accident.
  6. I did not renew with AIG after first year. You can opt for your workshop of choice ie CnC when you buy the insurance from another company. Same with replacement car but may not be 15 days and may not be a merc though you can pay more to get a lux car ( whatever that means). I saved $500 switching while still enjoy almost identical coverage. I got AXA flexidrive from a Broker.
  7. That was what the SA told me. But I mentioned that they should bring this up to MB Germany. It may be a small glitch but I will be surprised that the German would choose to ignore it if they know about it. I deal with Germans in my work and I am always impressed by their attention to details, which is one of the reasons I choose a German-made car. It is also possible that MB Germany only deals with issues that compromise safety. Most importantly, may be nobody is bothered about it except me. I just wanted to confirm that it is "like that" in everyone's W212.
  8. Hi, Has anyone noticed that the date is not displayed on the screen for the audio system of W212? If you go into the system there is actually means to change the setting of the display and format of date and year. But the change is not reflected on the screen. I think it is a software problem but the SA at C&C says that nothing can be done. Any comments? Corgi
  9. The sound is not very loud, I have to switch off the audio and listen carefully before noticing it. I am concerned that it may get worse. For me,if I steer towards the left , the sound will disappear for a while. I am bringing the car back next week to check. Also the sound insultaion is not as good as my Volvo and Audi, can hear the motocycle more clearly.
  10. Hi I notice "wind sound" in the cabin when my car (FLW212 E200) is travelling at 80km/h. = I notice the sound since the car was 1 week old. I suspect there is some small gap that resulted in whistling sound when the car is travelling at higher speed. Does anyone have this issue with their E class? This never happened to my previous two cars ( a Volvo and an Audi). Corgi
  11. I sent the car for tyre rotation this weekend. Nothing special needs to be done. The in car computer registered the tyre pressure after some distance of driving, no resetting required. Just an update. Regards, Corgi
  12. I am driving a FLW212 E200 and my tyres are due for rotation. I don't intend to get it done in C&C because of their operating hours. I notice that we can monitor the pressue of individual tyre in this car suggesting that it is fitted with direct TPMS. I am not sure if anything special needs to be done during rotation of tyres with direct TPMS. For example is resetting needed? or the the car is able to detect the respective tyres after rotation? Also, how tricky is it to rotate tyres fitted with direct TPMS? Thank you for your advice. Corgi
  13. I just collected my W212FL Avg last week. According to the spec our ride is lower than the Elegance variant. I find the height acceptable but I guess everything is relative. My previous ride was really low and the bottom chassis was hit so many times that I lost count. I think I was "trained" to be extra careful over hump now. Even the SA noticed that during my test drive. I find turning the steering wheel slightly reduces the chances of getting hit, but I don't have to do that for my new car.
  14. I think Coveline is a nicer color. Did contemplate having black for interior for practicality but decided to go with the color I like. Am prepared to have the interior cleaned regularly. The car is confortable to ride in and the seats are at higher positions than my previous car, an A4 Avant, which was black with black interior. How do you find the sound system of your car?