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  1. This can be a Good feature if someone tailgating you...
  2. That could be a good reason... One BMW driver told be he loved Run Flats because he always chiong North South Highway in Malaysia. He said it was safer in case tyre explode. But in Singapore?
  3. I kapo but are runflats better than regular tyres? Why must you keep them?
  4. Hi sunroof, just some of my thoughts .... Don't get angry... CLA was never made to be like E Class CLA is like marrying a fashion model... very pretty outside.... inside hmmmm maybe not the best However there are some things you can do to help improve your CLA experience. Change out your runflats to normal tyres - Better Ride Quality Install Throttle Response Device for better drive feel Install Piggyback for more power and Torque remap gearbox for faster gear changes However best not to compare too much since you buy already... enjoy the plus points...
  5. For the camera to detect motion it must be on and using some power. So it depends on the power usage of the camera and the condition of your battery.
  6. But Zeenie's car is only 3+ months old. I think bump or bubble over side wall is a common problem with runflats. How many big pot holes in Singapore? Zeenie was your rim damaged or bent?
  7. Congrats on your beautiful CLA! Will look forward to your updates!
  8. I have cleaned the wipers but I am not sure if they are the problem. They seem to be wiping well in normal rain but when it is very heavy the rain water sheets down the glass and the wipers cannot keep up. The water does not bead well on the glass but spreads out and covers the glass. Did C&C coat the glass with something when they did nanocoat? I can also see white residue marks left by the wipers on the glass. btw won't cleaning wiper with alcohol harden the rubber?
  9. I agree on the importance of good tyres! I have a question. How effective are the wipers on your Mercs? I find that in heavy rain, even at the fastest settings, the rain still sheets down the windscreen obscuring vision.
  10. I also wonder how CnC Nano compares to the PPS and Others? So far my experience with the Nano is only so so. The paintwork still seem to get dirty rather easily...
  11. I think the anti slip mat had a chemical reaction to the dashboard covering. I had a "new" mat which I bought some time ago, it looked fine. I placed it on a painted metal shelf in my house, but after a month it kinda of melted and bonded on the shelf. This was indoor and without any sun. I have stopped using those mats ever since.
  12. In the US, the recommended for CLA is RON91+. Their preminium petrol for many places is only RON 93! So running RON95 is better than anything they can easily get.
  13. I agree I don't like this stupid feature but overall still loving the CLA!
  14. The CLA transmission will go into Park once I open the door, does not matter if transmission is on Drive or Reverse. First time I encounter was at a carpark, I opened door to take the ticket as window film was just installed and still drying. I closed the door and step on accelerator but car did not move, I was wondering what happen until I saw the car was on Park.
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