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  1. Hi, you have any ex stock for this model and how much?
  2. Hi, Please PM me the price for 2016 CLA180
  3. Hi I'm interested can contact me at 97929979? Thanks
  4. How much?
  5. Bro, can fwd pics and price of boot lip and other items please.
  6. Have stock and price for FL W204 model?
  7. Thanks Hawkeye
  8. I'm interested to install it into my FL 204. Can pm me the workshop and items needed? I already have Apple Tv. Thanks.
  9. Hi, any new /used 18" rims for FL W204?
  10. Unfortunately mine is still under warranty, have to go back.
  11. Hi Guys, Was advised by the SA 60k servicing needed to leave the car for 3days, is it true? I see no reason why it need so long. Thanks
  12. Is the item stills available?
  13. Hi, Asiadj, Finally they willing to change the mountings after some "negotiations". Likewise they present it as doing me a favor.
  14. Hi, my mileage close to 58k.
  15. Fully aware of the warranty limitation. However, what can I do if the SA kept denying is covered? Any fellow driver can share their SA that willing to help on this? Maybe can PM me please. Appreciate