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  1. Can anyone help to share I still have a r171 Piecha exhaust still very new for sale. Pls WhatsApp me at 87222223
  2. Selling off my r171 Quad rear muffler (Piecha Exhaust Legal system) . Bought at 04th Feb 2015 at $2247 include GST. Letting go at $1.7k (No nego) Please text me and do not pm me here. Fast sales as my ride is selling off . 87222223 Pang
  3. But I'm equipped with AMG exhaust already.. And somemore I decat already .. The sound is not really good.. So I thought any other brand will be better than the current AMG exhaust
  4. But for r171 they told me there isn't any? Is it right ?
  5. Ya I know there is a dealer at Tagore lane for Brabua exhaust .. Just check r171 no have any exhaust pipe for eninemann ... Fox exhaust not bassy enough
  6. You guys have any whatsapp group ? Thank I'm Keats 91133795
  7. U wanna try eseinmann exhaust? I'm calling them to check for the price tomorrow. For Brabus I called and they say the price is $3300-$3600 ..
  8. R171 2007 de ... But body kit is all done up with exhaust also
  9. Orh okie okie ... My ride now is already fitted with all the Amg body kit done by previous owner . And also the exhaust is already Amg .. With 4 outlets . But the sounds is like shit.. Even I decat from mid pipe still doesn't make any diff
  10. Haha okie okie .... Just got my ride and wanna know more ma:( sorry sorry.....
  11. Hi just got my car a month ago. Am new to this forum and even my new ride Nice to meet all of you . Would wanna know where can I make my exhaust into more bassy sound but I prefer a legal type . Thanks you!