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  1. 2012 W212 Wagon can face lift. Lights front and rear? What is the cost? you have ex stock? 


  2. Yes! I do my own drive. I am heading up to IPOH / Cameron Highlands on the 19th Aug. PM your contact, add you into my group Friends of PORSCHE.
  3. Haha! I sold the CLS and got a Pana as well. Wow! Mine is a 2010 Panamera S Do you do drives to Malaysia? PM me if you can keen on drives.
  4. Nice! W222 Cool I have moves on long ago!..Close to 3 years. but thinking of coming back to a CLS 63 AMG
  5. Wow! Started this chat in 2011 i guess most of our cars are scraped!!!!
  6. Pit bull, The connectors are not the same. Ask Benzline to Intro you a workshop to get it fix. I got the lights from them and I can't remember the workshop that did it for me. Good luck!!
  7. Mac Donald's Rid out - Queensway - Where Far East florist located. This Friday if you guys are ok!
  8. Anyone!!!!! Upzs! for sale! Price can nego a little....
  9. You wanna start a mini meet up to for CLS owners..... Set a date . place I try to be there...
  10. I thought so too.... guy left a deposit and decided to buy a S class.... So wife said keep the car till COE runs dry!
  11. Thanks for pointing out! 18" it is.... the new rims coming is 19" haha! Sorry!
  12. Selling my original AMG rims Done 15,000km only Asking: $1500.00 (Good deal for the real deal!) Kerb rash on 2 rims... (Wife's driving ) Tire: Conti CSC3 Front: 235/40/18 Rear: 255/30/18 *Don't ask me what model it fits... maybe E class... please do homework. Dom 9-740- 28- 29 View in town area! *My new rims are being shipped. may take 2 weeks..... so hand over date 2 weeks time!