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  1. I have a brand new in bag 3D car mat that I am not using (never used). Brand is Maxpider Mat. This was meant for W213 E-class so please check if it would fit your ride. Looking to sell at S$150.
  2. Still have 3 months to use the voucher. Upz!
  3. What brand is the car cam?
  4. I know what you mean and I will be embarking on the same journey and bidding farewell to my beautiful CLA
  5. I have some S$100 Pirelli vouchers that I do not need, expires in Aug 2018. Selling at S$70 each or take all 5 for S$300. PM to deal, fastest fingers wins.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Hi, able to add me into the whatsapp chatgrp? Tks.

    Jackson 88628826

  8. Welcome! The CLA is one beautiful ride and I enjoy looking at it. =)
  9. In terms of tyre work, both are fine. AA maybe has a bigger fleet of vehicles, so you'd get a faster response time, although I have gotten good timely service from the CnC mobile guys as well. FYI mine (CLA) is usually battery, so do watch for the warning signs of a weak battery.
  10. I've used two types of coating so far (so under PPS), and enjoyed both of them. They are both touted as ceramic coating or hydrophobic coating, and aside from the shine that your usual wax polish gives you, also provides water repellent properties where the water will slide off (when the car is moving), thus no water marks. My main point of using this is not so heart pain when the rain comes, because the rain acts as natural car wash. Having said that, the accumulation of dirt over time can still occur, so would be good to wash from time to time.
  11. Welcome! This forum has a lot of information so you can browse through for answers. Usually the answer is found in the manual somewhere. =) Whatsapp groups are also a good source of information (amongst the huge number of non-car information that is posted) do PM me your number if you want to be added.
  12. The gearbox does learn from past driving behavior, and you might want to try resetting the gearbox and let it learn your driving style instead. More info here: http://www.mercedesmedic.com/reset-mercedes-benz-transmission-procedure-instructions/
  13. Rare BNIB dual colour (toffee exterior, Bordeaux interior) wallet/pouch with two compartments for the discerning buyer and those in the know. Dimensions are 5.5’ by 3.9’. Priced at S$988 bought overseas but intended owner (wife) rejected so trying to sell it. Pictures and details on Carousell https://carousell.com/p/rare-hermes-atout-dual-colour-in-toffee-bordeaux-151961670/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fzeeniceguy%2F&ref_sId=14196225 Please PM to offer or to request for more details. Thank you!
  14. Not sure by the lack of response, as there are several shops listed in the forum that supply MB parts, so should be able to get (if not they can order for you). =)
  15. Sorry, no. That information is nice to have but i never got around to installing any gauges.