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  1. I have both the 3D carmat and the 3M carmat (heh) and having tried both, prefer the former mainly for the fact that it does not slip as much as the 3M one, especially for the driver. It may require a little more effort to maintain but worth it rather than having the mat slip or curl up under my feet (which is a danger for the driver as it may prevent access to the pedals in extreme cases). Anyone wants a 3M carmat for W213? LOL
  2. Welcome and enjoy your ride! Lots of useful information here in forum, although there is a whatsapp group that owners use to communicate.
  3. Yes. i get that from time to time, but it goes away after a while. Otherwise, can just place the key in the marked space in the center console (i actually put coins in that place lol)
  4. Interesting. My w213 has the previous steering wheel so that is different from yours, but Active Parking Assist is easy like you mentioned and the car will engage the relevant gears automatically until parked. Word of caution though, still need to keep an eye out as i tried parallel park on the right side (yes it can) and it managed to do it all but also curbed my right rear rims in the process.
  5. Love the way you set it up, so camping here for more updates! My own mods are more aesthetic and less extensive (i.e. cheap) with the largest being the diamond grill. =)
  6. Well, TBH, those who wanted AMG line would have gotten it when ordering the car, and those without who are thinking of changing it are more rare. =)
  7. Usually one side headlight on means the light switch is at the "off" stage (left most). If you leave it at the center "Auto" stage, it should be fine. Otherwise, something gone wonky with the electronics (always worry about an electronics intensive product!)
  8. I have a brand new in bag 3D car mat that I am not using (never used). Brand is Maxpider Mat. This was meant for W213 E-class so please check if it would fit your ride. Looking to sell at S$150.
  9. Still have 3 months to use the voucher. Upz!
  10. I know what you mean and I will be embarking on the same journey and bidding farewell to my beautiful CLA
  11. Item sold. Thank you for your interest
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