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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, the threads do show that we do have a whatsapp group originally started with a couple of CLAs but now have members of various rides and we try to meet up once in a while to sort out FAQs. Drop me a PM (with your phone number) if interested to join the whatsapp group chat.
  2. The answer is on the petrol filler flap on the car. =) As a rough gauge, the merc guys fill with nitrogen at 250kPa
  3. Beautiful ride. Welcome!
  4. I remember seeing a CLA on the roads with yellow (old school) headlights and upon closer inspection did not see the CnC logo, so i guess it must have been a PI car? Point is, PI cars are specced differently so chose what you want, otherwise may have to spend a bundle getting what may be standard to other CLAs. (For me the yellow headlights are not as nice so i would not have bought that car!)
  5. I just connect to my unit using the supplied MMI cable with a lightning adapter, not sure if your unit has that cable and function. Using that i can playing anything from the phone via the car's speakers. Hope to see you at a meet up soon!
  6. Not sure if this helps, but i connect to spotify on my phone and stream the music via the supplied MMI cable with a 42-pin-to-lightning adapter. Best bit is thanks to the hookup with singtel, data via spotify is free. =)
  7. Oooo shiny buttons! Nice! Congrats on the new ride! PM me your phone number and i'll add you....
  8. Very nice colour! Congratulations!
  9. Get a good hydrophobic coating by a reputable detailer. Lots around and some in this forum, do shop around and check them out. Saves you having to wash car (except bird droppings) since it rains so often in Singapore.
  10. How does it compare to stock suspension? I find our stock ones quite harsh but good for a spirited drive.
  11. Hello Jas, The answer is actually in the CLA180 thread: C117 is what you are looking for.
  12. I think it is quite sad that we have to scan and filter information being fed to us about our car. Gone are the days where we could trust that the people from the AD would know what they are talking about and not blow so much smoke that it is difficult to determine truth from fiction. This erosion of trust is the first step in the downfall of any brand and CnC management would do well to heed and improve things quickly.
  13. I think C&C JB are about to inundated with enquiries and bookings from sg
  14. That's no GLA. lol