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  1. The gearbox does learn from past driving behavior, and you might want to try resetting the gearbox and let it learn your driving style instead. More info here: http://www.mercedesmedic.com/reset-mercedes-benz-transmission-procedure-instructions/
  2. Rare BNIB dual colour (toffee exterior, Bordeaux interior) wallet/pouch with two compartments for the discerning buyer and those in the know. Dimensions are 5.5’ by 3.9’. Priced at S$988 bought overseas but intended owner (wife) rejected so trying to sell it. Pictures and details on Carousell https://carousell.com/p/rare-hermes-atout-dual-colour-in-toffee-bordeaux-151961670/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fzeeniceguy%2F&ref_sId=14196225 Can PM to offer or for more details. Thank you!
  3. Not sure by the lack of response, as there are several shops listed in the forum that supply MB parts, so should be able to get (if not they can order for you). =)
  4. Sorry, no. That information is nice to have but i never got around to installing any gauges.
  5. Trawling through my profile, i found this old post, and how time flies because we are now past the 3 year mark and more than 50,000km! Overall i'm happy with the car although my two cents: In terms of updates/defects: check your seat belt dispenser, it may rub against the upholstery on the B pillar if it does not have the seat belt guard (found only on newer cars). If not, silicon/plastic door sills or edge protectors from Autobacs can also solve the issue. check your engine mounting before warranty is up, somehow the engine mounts (there are 3 of them) seem to disintegrate rather quickly in some cases. i noticed that there was always a pool of water under the car, either from air con or coolant, and in my case it was coolant leak, so that was fixed. This can be easier to spot if you are parked facing downhill on a slope. the only sign of excessive wear in the interior is the parking brake button, which has now become a solid rectangle of light instead of the outline of a P. had to change the wipers and tried the bosch aerotwin, but it seems to squeak a little more, so stock is still best. parkassist Parktronic is quite fun when you're trying to parallel park and you have people outside staring at you as your hands are in the air (because you dun care). Also useful after a long journey and you don't feel like parking. =) still in love with the coupe styling (frameless windows) and the rear brake lights installed blackvue starting to have "please check SD card" even tho newly bought and formatted. Rebooting it works though. changed battery a couple of times. These things don't seem to last in our electricity hungry start-stop car. If you find that your eco mode is not engaging and always on orange, that is your first sign that battery is going to go. second sign (which may not appear) is the engine taking abit longer to start in the morning. Things i might do differently if given the chance to do it all over again (aka semula): engine bay heat insulation AMG line night package All aesthetics and comfort changes. =)
  6. Welcome! Feel free to have a look around the forum for answers to any queries you might have. There are also whatsapp groups formed although these are mainly for social, tcss, and MU purposes rather than technical questions. Best way to learn about the car is to read the manual (available online and on app), read the forums, and talk to people. Enjoy the ride!
  7. Tip for changing door pin, use a pair of pliers but wrap the pin with a rag first, then unscrew. When screwing in the metal one, repeat with rag to protect the pin because if the pliers slip, it will scratch the pin.
  8. If you don't travel up north often, i find normal tyres better in terms of pot-hole damage (i had 2 with my RFT and 0 with present non-RFT) and overall quieter, grippier and more comfortable. I suspect RFT technology has to catch up to the more mature non-RFT tyres. I figure if i do travel up north, i'll just buy and put a spare tyre in the boot, but until then, *fingers crossed* lol
  9. Sorry for the delayed response, the threads do show that we do have a whatsapp group originally started with a couple of CLAs but now have members of various rides and we try to meet up once in a while to sort out FAQs. Drop me a PM (with your phone number) if interested to join the whatsapp group chat.
  10. The answer is on the petrol filler flap on the car. =) As a rough gauge, the merc guys fill with nitrogen at 250kPa
  11. Beautiful ride. Welcome!
  12. I remember seeing a CLA on the roads with yellow (old school) headlights and upon closer inspection did not see the CnC logo, so i guess it must have been a PI car? Point is, PI cars are specced differently so chose what you want, otherwise may have to spend a bundle getting what may be standard to other CLAs. (For me the yellow headlights are not as nice so i would not have bought that car!)
  13. I just connect to my unit using the supplied MMI cable with a lightning adapter, not sure if your unit has that cable and function. Using that i can playing anything from the phone via the car's speakers. Hope to see you at a meet up soon!
  14. Not sure if this helps, but i connect to spotify on my phone and stream the music via the supplied MMI cable with a 42-pin-to-lightning adapter. Best bit is thanks to the hookup with singtel, data via spotify is free. =)