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  1. Thanks guys, will check it out.
  2. Hi, I tried searching for this topic but couldn't find it. Anyone experienced this before? Sometimes its ok for the whole journey, sometimes keeps on and off and sometimes totally off!
  3. WTS - Car Camera iRoad V7 Front & Rear camera for $250 only. In good working condition, new car came with camera hence selling it. PM me at 96628880 Richard
  4. WTS - Race Chip Ultimate for 2011 E200 $450. Already dekitted, Reason for selling, changing car Contact Richard @ 96628880
  5. Hi where did you change yours and how much, if not convenient please pm me. Thank you.
  6. A5 got to watch out for the gear box. Power wise A5 should be better but E200 built is more solid. A5 more sexy.
  7. Her car was badly damaged and she never attempt to claim the truck? You need to report whether the truck is damaged or not unless the driver got no licence that's why "siam"
  8. Pmed you.
  9. Either Ebay or Benzline
  10. How can it be blind spot when he is coming from behind the truck?? Driver think he/her car faster than the truck? These are the drivers that need to be taken off the road. Imagine its not a truck but a bike!
  11. Hacked?? Go to good tyre shops or back to agent. They should be able to find a set to open for you.
  12. Can Blackmerc start a new GB thread? This will attract more people as the thread title here is of no help to the this new interest on GB.