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  1. Yes, they should admit their sticker fault instead of....( but Dont think anyone will dare to admit) Well, $15k diff ($30k for me), take it as the warranty than consumables. Buying from them is 99.9% wont fly by night. And they have to fulfill all recalls, warranty repairs, etc.(by right but always link the problem to other possiblities and ended up we have to live with it) Forget it bro, manufacturer unlikely to entertain one car. They usually protect their distributors. (Thats where their revenue comes from.) Moreover, its not warranty issue but wearable parts. Quite tough to argue... Poisadon, thanks for sharing. Will take note and check it out before changing battery again...
  2. Actually, 16 + 18 months total 34 months. CnC stated 2 years from new car collection or dunno 30k or 40k KM or how many KM whichever comes first... my aux battery failed within 2 years but exceeded the KM they stated, cant claim. if the replacement batteries all fail within 2 years than they will have to keep changing until we scrap the car. The sticker on the battery may comes as a standard from factory. They should have peel it off to avoid future dispute before installation. you have enjoyed 34 months of so call first battery, i paid to changed mine outside on 2 yrs 3months before it fails as preventive maintenance (i believe many do that) with no issue during servicing in CnC couple years back.(now?) Posaidon, Their system detected battery issue but is the battery changed compatible as i think most newer Merc requires AGM batt. Not siding anyone but personal view. Yes, Darksaint, all batteries i enquire outside usually comes with only 1 year warranty
  3. Hi, perhaps someone has asked this before. Is it better to keep the Nano coating from CnC or go for the 9H glass coating? or any other recommendation. TIA...
  4. The second batt in ur boot flatted. Change a new one. Dont use ECO , it kills batt.
  5. I notice this noisy rain too on ky W212FL since day one. Very loud and noisy and wat to do but live with it... Worse case is when a call comes in and i answer, the other party cant hear wat i am saying
  6. Perhaps C class for taxi instead? Outlook similar too. Until now i need to go close enough during daytime to see the Exxx... to confirm E or C.. night time no issue as the backlights diff... daytime only the running lights in front most obvious... Think my eyesight getting worse.. i love the new E. didnt dare to test drive yet... or... pocket burn again...
  7. Nice car, nice color and daring white choice... 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  8. Does the wiper washer fluid originally topped up by cnc helps in avoiding the juddering issue? (maybe there is certain compound inside meant for their wipers) to those bros havent wiper juddering issues, did u ever top up using aftermarket fluids?
  9. Emmm... GLA or CLA also belong to same A family? This problem isolated to same engine type? Eg. 180 engine or others as well?
  10. Apparently, seems like this issue only affects A and B classes.?