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  1. I like the look of A45... I find the RS3 is too conservitive... except the electric speedo/GPS... that is cool..
  2. I actual like the styling of the A45... i find the RS3 quite conservative... not too fuse about the horses as I feel that anything in excess of 350 is already enough...
  3. too many horses already... teehee
  4. OK lah... more than enough power to carry the extra weight... heeheee
  5. Coupled with the performance.....
  6. Hahahaha.... i find the dashboard of the RS pretty cool.. however the look of the car pretty normal..
  7. I am driving the A45. Fun car with the sound to intoxicate. Wished i had the sunroof!!! In my opinion, the amount of power on the car makes the extra weight from the sunroof negligible. Colour is a different issue. Choose the colour you like! What are the colours that is available?
  8. Thanks!
  9. Harlow Just collected my A45...
  10. Can sticker locally...
  11. Unlikely to change... but will let you know if I do....
  12. No lah... stock is good......
  13. Collected last week....finally...
  14. I thought is 80km along MCE.. especially at the cameras?