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  1. Thanks zeenie! Which brands of PPS did you use? I didn't have good experience with the Revol one
  2. Hi friends, have been reading a lot about PPF and PPS all different kinds etc. Some say all the PPS are the same, some say no difference at all. Some say PPF very good, some say will make surface dull and have yellowing. Any of you tried Paint Protection Film before? Heard now the new films resist yellowing for up to 10 years (with warranty). I know only time will tell but does anyone have any experience? Hope everyone can share their experiences with the various installers/coating providers so that we can have some reference over time. Thanks!
  3. Try Elebest, last i think i saw he had an ashwood one for sale about $1.5k
  4. If you’re concerned, there are PIs that have their own workshops and warranties, usually slightly more expensive than other PIs so they slot somewhere in between CnC and most PIs but the specs are better. Don’t rush, have a look around. Also if you want a sunroof I understand CnC has to specially bring in as neither the 200 Nor 250 have it as standard...
  5. Have fun and enjoy the process! I don't think CarPlay or Android Auto is standard on the GLC, no worries though, Elebest seems to have gotten the solution so you can do it after you get your vehicle.
  6. Welcome Thomas, can try to ask for in car camera or aftermarket GPS, either or, not both. Since prices are fixed, another way to play it is to ask for a better trade in price. What's the current lead time for CnC GLC 250?
  7. Thanks Johnny, unfortunately mostly don’t have unless I get a coupe or glc43, else have to indent. No one retrofitted?
  8. Hi friends, like to hear what you guys think of the 360 camera? If anyone has retrofitted can share the cost? thanks!
  9. Thanks darksaint and jtang! That's reassuring to know! (=
  10. Thanks for the quick replies! Looks like the only thing I need to worry about is ensuring I buy the petrol variants so that they will be comparable to the CnC ones vs diesel ones that are not brought in at this spec... wonder how the 2nd hand market will be like 3 years from now when there are CnC E200 vs PI E200 w comand and widescreen cockpit vs PI E220d. Would be interesting to see the pricing differences
  11. Maybe a noob question to some so please bear with me. I am considering getting a PI GLC because the wait time at CnC is 9 months. Could anyone advise on the resale value of PI cars based on your experience? I intend to change in 3 years when the warranty is up so wondering how much to expect vs a CnC unit. thanks in advance for sharing! (=
  12. Dont regret. Cluster can change at elebest from what I understand the entire tuning of the suspension is different so I suppose you can get aftermarket springs and do it to whatever hardness you like. Brake can go BBK. If really cannot stand it change car when next possible lor haha.
  13. Chrome. Sport was a little too hard.
  14. Ok thanks for the tip! Thanks bro! Am enjoying it! Pictures ah, whoa, mine only humble B200 leh in simple white color haha
  15. Hi all! Just collected my B200 this week. Looking forward to meeting and learning from all on this forum (= Oh and a quick noobie qn, do you guys protect your keys from scratches using any protectors? The leather key fob free gift from CnC is too bulky. Thanks!