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  1. Thanks bro catfish for the detailed information and photos! Very useful!
  2. Sharing the dismantling of the E Class wiper blade. This is how it looks like fully dismantled. (1) Remove bracket from the wiper holder slot (2) Remove "aero" flap from the metal frame (3) Remove end caps from the wiper blade (the toughest) (4) Everything removed
  3. Hi bro, would you mind sharing how to remove cos' I would like to use a wiper refill instead of changing the entire labde/piece.
  4. How much to do aircon servicing?
  5. Hi bro, I was given Gregory's name before when I enquired on a FL kit for my E cabrio. If I am not mistaken, Gregory is also one of our site's sponsor. His number is 9668 0053.
  6. Does the air intake supply air to both vents such that in the event the 2nd vent is closed, all the airflow goes to the 1st vent? If we remove the cover for the 2nd vent, would it result in lower airflow to the 1st vent since air can now "escape" from the opened 2nd vent?
  7. That's a good price. I did mine for $600+ at another workshop (inclusive labour). Must try your workshop for other stuff next time!!
  8. I did mine last year with Chip Soon. It is not too expensive. I paid around $615 for the job. Very happy with the job. The car felt so much better after I did it. Mine is a W207.
  9. Hi, Is it normal for the car to give out a lot of white exhaust smoke when starting the engine in the morning? My wife's A207 E250 has been behaving this way. What can be the cause of this? The car has just been serviced and there's no error message. Thanks!
  10. I am trying to replace the existing rubber blades with PIAA silicon blades refill. However, removing the rubber blades from the wiper is a bitch! Anyone has old wiper blades that they don't want ..... let me experiment with to remove the rubber blades from the frame.
  11. Not too expensive. Labour ($100+) probably costs more than your transmission mounting (<$100). I just changed my engine and transmission mountings at Chip Soon for my A207. 2-hour job on a Saturday. The difference in the handling, power transmission and engine noise was heaven and earth after the change.
  12. I did mine at Chip Soon earlier this year. Changed my brake pads and rotors at the same time for my A207. Changed to the ATE "ceramic" brake pads ..... really dust free! Cannot remember the price ..... I just went to them last week to replace my engine and transmission mountings.
  13. Which year is this from ..... pre-FL or post-FL?