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  1. Hi , I have 2019 FL C180. When I press "NAVI" button, nothing happen to screen. If I select "Navigation" in trip consol, it just message "Please wait". I am wondering if I buy this card would it work on my car? Here are VIN Details: 270 Aerial for GPS 506 Audio 20 Radio Navigation-Capable NTG5.5 Thanks in advance
  2. Find here, only $3.88: https://shopee.sg/✿AL✿A-C-Button-Stickers-Kit-Dash-Repair-Decal-Replacement-i.110509558.2026723961
  3. Mostly...West to East...30 KM each way (5 days); city - 1-2 days I get an average of 15+ KM/L on SPC 95
  4. Just changed my CLA180 battery. Lasted almost 3 years, got a new original @580 from CnC using service credits. New battery has 2 years warranty.
  5. But how to update it into system? Using usb point? Eurovision charges $80 for map update (that too free maps).
  6. I suggest you to read this thread (A very long but worth every bit of it): http://www.mercedescla.org/forum/5-cla-general-discussion/4947-lesser-known-features-you-ve-discovered.html The CLA has many hidden features and once you unlock them, it is even more wonderful to drive......
  7. Thanks all for advice!!! I have quit AIG and went back to previous insurer. Got my 20% NCD, Excess $250(chosen lowest since C&C is not approved list, need to pay double excess to repair at it), Premium: $1520 ($500 less than AIG). Not a single word from AIG why I am leaving them... can companies survive these days without appreciating feedback??
  8. I am getting a bit disappointed by the mileage I am getting on RON 98 (SPC 98) fuel. Although there is significant improvement in car response after moving to SPC 98, but mileage is sliding down. Currently I am getting 13.4 KM/L with same driving style. Is it normal? Or may be I had too high expectation with CLA?
  9. 3 working days passed since last call....still need to hear anything from AIG. So much for its support
  10. What you expect when you try to switch insurance companies, better benefits, less excess, less premium and ofcourse NCD to remain same. What if you were switched (forced) to AIG, you get more and less same benefit, higher excess, higher premium and on top of it your NCD was totally scrapped . This is what happened to me. To cut story short, - My NCD dropped from 20% to 0%. - When I have submitted my past policy with NCD 20% mentioned on it, it was restored to 10%. - When I called to clarify on why 10%, I got a reply: "<My past insurer> says if I would have continue with them, I would get 20% but on changing insurer <My past insurer> provide only 10% and AIG will follow it" AIG has very poor customer support and almost no communication with customer. After 1 email, 1 fax and 2 calls from myside, I still need to get any call back. The questions raised by this incident.. - I fail to understand why AIG trying to protect her competitor instead for her customer? - If last year I was on 10% and I have not made any claim, why would not I get 20%? Why can't AIG decide on it and dependent upon what other company's feedback? - Is not insurance policy a legal document to provide proof of NCD? - Is the NCD linked to insurer company or insured? - Is not indirectly AIG telling me go back to past insurer? ...to be continued
  11. Does any body know where the aircon filter is located? Is it easily accessible for cleaning/replacement?
  12. At first, thanks a lot for participating in discussions... @keltanky, I do agree you can not get same traffic always. Thus I have measured over the full tank, which I think averaged out best & worst situations over the period of 10-11 days. @lks328, for CLA180, Mercedes recommends RON95 and above. Thus, as a start I stick to manufacture recommendations.However, I am also interested to try 98 and would like to see how it performs. Please keep your suggestion flowing in....
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