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  1. Used items for sale: *sold* Thank you for looking.
  2. Used pedal box for sale. Currently on W176 A180 FL. One generation earlier from the latest version. $150. Free installation at Seng Kang.
  3. Balance around $2400 service credits for purchases of C&C items available. Thx.
  4. Will be at C&C Alexandra 18 Apr around noon. Text or call me to use the credits to purchase items there. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Have around $3600 worth of service credits for sale. Text or call 9834 2892 to discuss. Thank you.
  6. Item sold. Moderators please close thread. Thanks.
  7. Removed from A180. Local set. Give the lethargic engine a boost. Better acceleration. Easily removed before sending car in. May suit other models with 1.6L M270 engines (A200, CLA180/200, GLA180/200 etc). Please call Race Chip to confirm. **sold**
  8. Hi. Would anyone know of the history of the frozen grey Edition 1 GLA45 that's on sale on SGCarMart since last year? It's never seem to get "hitched".. Thanks!
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