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  1. with coe dipping, you might have to wait a while..
  2. It is AMG. This is the older model and for older model. rides I also have a pair on my SLK.
  3. helping a mate sell his 4 pot AMG BBK w 330mm rotor ideal for rides needing only the front BBK. please contact Kenny at 8666-6600. asking $2200 neg price include new brake pads. condition tip top.
  4. My bad...the branch to go to is at Serangoon.
  5. I wonder if the 3 lines of the STAR would be more prominent if your STAR emblem is black?
  6. oh yes forgot to comes with one year warranty....
  7. I just felt sorry for people like us who are unable to buy them off the shelves because ours was a design of the past..and what irked me the most, was the unkind comment from CC asking me to upgrade to the latest SLK just to get their Illuminated STAR...if its any consolation...I think theirs are more beng.... now that I found the way to get around it....being the lone star may be cool but you know wats really cool? seeing a convoy of brightly lit stars....we should all one day come together and shine it off on the roads.... ps: I purposely just turned on STARLIGHT only (and switched off the rest)..while on the roads this evening...and it was a real head to the max...
  8. Wat sensor is that? Can it be disabled? If yes, you will have to decide which one you prefer.
  9. To this topic, the related link refers: I have been getting alot of PMs on my Illuminated STARLIGHT. Initially, I thought only SLK models R170 and R171's star emblem is part of the front grill/housing but from the PMs I received, I now realised there are several other classes/models affected as well. Yes, at MB/CC, you have to pay at least $500 without GST and without labour charge, which brings the total amount close to $800/900. I have been thinking: - if I should just keep it to myself and not get in the way of MB or parallel importers or - I could earn the extra cash by doing the leg work for those who are interested or - I can do what I have decided to do now, which I will share with listen up those who are keen..and for your info...I am not profiting a single cent at all. Step One - go get a OEM STAR logo for your model - Benzline sells them. Step Two - bring to Nightzconcept and look for Dave Lim - tell him Arrow recommended in order to get the price mentioned below which will WOW you.. - he will build the acrylic STAR and the LEDs Step Three - Come back in a weeks time to install - Dave has agreed to charge $250 to $300 (depending on the amount of work required based on Step Four..) - Do note that there is only one option...when your engine is running and you are driving, STARLIGHT turns on. Period. Step Four - Those with standalone STAR emblem..meaning it is removable without having to remove the entire grill housing...(see pic here)..then it is easier.... - Those with STAR emblem that's part of the entire grill housing...(see pic here) will need to understand that retrofittung is required.. Step Five - In return, Dave is also offering KlearCarbon for $108 only with the STARLIGHT installed. - really good cos I went back today to clear supercharger whines louder than ever When your Illuminated STARLIGHT is post it here...thats my only request...Can people? Its call Illuminated STARLIGHT for a reason....because it is LIGHTER on our pockets..and no, its not beng at all. And, it comes with one year warranty!!!
  10. My selling price is half of what you pay at CC.