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    4) OEM AMG Pedals
    5) Front sensor
    6) 19' Breyton Sports Rim
    7) BC BR Coilover
    8) Super sprint Catback exhaust system with OEM C63 AMG BlackSeries Quad Squared-off tailpipes
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    10) Monster Tuner Box
    11) Bi-Xenon Headlamp with reprogrammed DRL

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  1. Anyone consigned their cars and currently in sgCarMart pls PM me. Tks
  2. Spot on!
  3. Just installed the Supersprint Catback Exhaust System. To ensure LTA compliance, I retained my quad squared-off tailpipes without connecting to the mufflers. Sounds pretty good!
  4. Fyi, Ah boon managed to adjust the height of the light beam.
  5. Markcwq, yup, the light beam throw back is not as high or far as compared to the genuine stuff. That said, it didn't detect the diff. However, I'm pretty sure it will be pretty obvious when drive to Malaysia.
  6. Replica Ai swee mai mia Original Ai swee and Ai mia!
  7. This is for LHD and the light throw back is not as far. Was cautioned by Ah Boon on the shorter throw back. So for those who frequent Malaysia, this option may not be safe. But for local drive, my personal view is: suffice!
  8. Replica or original not impt. So long chio can liao. Yalor, I always kana poisoned by him. But I must say he knows his stuff and will QC before handing over.
  9. Markcwq, u referring to the front grill? Mine is the 2 piece grill. It came with the original C63 bodykit.
  10. Essentially, all copied version from Taiwan are pretty much the same. However, almost all have a decoy wiring/bulb to prevent your car from detecting an error fault. So need some improvisations. And who to go to for the kit depends very much on the skill and knowledge of the installer. I was told some had their bumper damaged whilst installing the headlamp! And yes there are many similar or almost similar headlamps in ebay, and other online websites, but it is expensive to order a single item. Furthermore, this is not something you can just plug and play. In the end, the cost adds up to what local workshops are charging now. The disadvantage of bringing in your own kit is you can't KPKB if something screwed up. So, for peace of mind, just let the pros do it.
  11. Sonic retailing at $1850 and currently no stock. Ah Boon kit is $1800 with 3 months warranty.
  12. Xie xie! So delighted that I replaced the stock headlamps. Changed the entire look of the car. Now I have a mean looking, but slow machine lol
  13. Yes guys. Ah Boon provided the kit and installed it. He did some re-wirings to ensure smooth operation and safety. End result...job well done! Price pls PM me or call Ah Boon.
  14. Just had it done and comes with warranty!