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  1. Thanks, contact number on first post.
  2. BBK dekiited from car. Whatsapp for more pictures. Price negotiable.
  3. APi Racing Super 6 Brakekit. Interested please whatsapp for photos.
  4. Sold.
  5. Sharing my thoughts, did you install the exhaust and do up the throttle body after or before installing the tuning box? Normally intake and exhaust mod should be done before the tuning otherwise it may cause idling problem. Else maybe you would like to remove the tune box and see if its tuning problem.
  6. Nice set up. New system will take time to run in anyway,
  7. Harmotech wtih Tchenov RCA? Which 3 way comp speakers are you running? Nice amps, i had the same on my ride
  8. Ya audio system void. So since going warranty is going to be void then might as well upgrade all ICE components
  9. Is Powerstation popular back then?
  10. Those are some really mean sound system setup, super!! The alternator must really be working extra to produce juice for so many hungry woofers The genesis are so gorgeous Simple is always only on the surface, the real good stuffs are mostly hidden. LOL.
  11. Wow.... Solid system. ODR... *drool* 110% passion
  12. 8 ohm Wholesome bassy note! Min 3 layer soundproof is a must. LOL