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  1. Actually I'm selling my maroon cls now. Anyone keen? Super duper condition. Coe expire this month. Lol so must extend lah whoever buys. Hp: 82000287 WhatsApp me if keen.
  2. I still haven't drive my Pana to Malaysia yet. Partly no time. Been busy leh. But Porsche Singapore having a group drive to Malaysia .. 13 Aug .
  3. I've sold both my cls350s. Great cars and well built. Got a Panamera. Which is quite Similiar to the cls, being a 4seater n such but with much more interior room. But honestly, the cls are great cars. V sleek and comfy. Never regret having them.
  4. A number of guys asking me for interior. So here's a pic for reference . Cheers!
  5. Thanks buddy;) just edited hehe
  6. Coe TILL May 2027. CLS350 in excellent condition selling at $115000.11.5k depre/year. full Amg kit with carbon n brabus 3piece spoiler. view to fully appreciate. SMS 82000287 to enquire/deal
  7. Selling a black Amg CLS w219 spoiler. Perfect condition. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=112681 $150 cash and carry. Sms 82000287 to deal
  8. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=112683 cash and carry. SMS 82000287 to deal.
  9. Selling off my Cls Amg rear spoiller. Brand New coat of Piano Gloss Black paint which should match any colored CLS. The painting cost me $80 already. I am asking for $100 cash and carry. just double sided tape onto your car. easy DIY Whatsapp 82000287 to deal. Cheers Bro.
  10. just to update this thread. latest reliable figures is about 5.7k - 6k for body. Anyone who has export it before please share. thanks
  11. This is a LASER CUT 5x112 Mercedes Rear Wheel Spacer. Good Quality and laser cut of 20mm for REAR for your beloved mercedes. Selling cash and carry at $140 whatsapp 82000287 to deal.
  12. Selling a brand new painted Black Rear Spoiler for CLS W219. $100 cash and carry and just double sided tape on your boot. Its the AMG Boot Spoiler and the condition is as seen in the pic. 10/10 Whatsapp me at 82000287 to deal . Cheers !
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