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  1. Thanks for the advise fellow MERCs, Done a full dignostic twice at 2 different workshops and both does not reflect any fault. Those the mechanic suspect that it may be air con loading but the RPM flutuation, i activate and deactive the AC it does not seem to affect as the RMP still flutuate. Since this 4-5 mths i do suspect that it maybe some sensors having problem or worst if there is a fuel sensor it having problem imagine i changed my fuel pump 3 time each last only 6-7 months. Perhaps if you folks can recommend a workshop that is willing to look into the problem i will deeply appreciate. thanks.
  2. i am on W203 and had similar problem since 4 months ago, did a full servicing inclusive of plugs change, gear box oil change..etc, still no improvement. in fact i did my fuel pump replacement as well still no improvement. and now air con also intermittment which lead to my mechanic suspecting that RPM flutuation may be due to air con loading or something which i am urge to replace my compressor. Had already spent 3k trying to resolve this problem which seem no end, so i left with 1. replace air con compressor 2. check alternator pulley 2. replace ECU but my car left 2 yrs HOW fellow MERC
  3. hi where is Kenny workshop, can they do the toe and camber alignment...etc. thanks
  4. many thanks for the advise - computer ailignment done 2 time by different workshop - wheel balancing done 3 time by different workshop - had replaced the rim and tyre with another different set still the same - 2 x engine mounting and 1 x gearbox mounting already replaced - 4 x staggered 18 inch rims are original someone told me that it is likely due to camber and toe alignment issue, question is where can i have this done besides C&C which is costly and also early appointment is 3 weeks later at Pandan cost between S$150-200/- for checking with their set of wheel and rim. Later symptom is that the steering wheel shaking is consistent regardless of speed.
  5. hi New to this blog, wonder if any kind soul can advise as I just bought a 2nd hand clc 180 and after replacing 4 x new Michelin PS 2 (MO), computer alignment twice, auto balance thrice and numerous rims and tyres swop still steering wheel shaking. Basically slight shaking when moving off and become more noticeable when at high speed. in fact just tighten all undercarriage screws and nuts still the same. Please assist. THANKS.
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