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  1. Uppps! For the set of rubbers.
  2. Upppps for tires! Brand new condition!
  3. Price revised! Giving veryyyyyyyyyyy good discount!
  4. LELONGGGGGGGGG.. Any offers before i trade in my car to dealer? Very wasted to go to them
  5. Uppps! Offers welcome before I trade in my car!
  6. Uppps price negotiable!
  7. PRICE REVISED DOWN TO SGD2300! lelong to clear.....
  8. UPPS UPPS Lelong price negotiable.
  9. As mentioned above. Kindly pm. Thanks in advance
  10. Selling a pair of reliable forged 10mm wheel spacers. Comes with 10 pcs of long lug nuts Letting go cheap at S$70 only/- Set is 2 weeks old! Kindly pm or contact 8sixsix11sixsix8.
  11. Less than 1000km on 4 tires! 1 of the best - Michelin PSS tires. Brand new cost more than $1300 for 4. Letting go only $1000! Contact 8sixsix11sixsix8 for fast deal!
  12. For CLA. Prefer all round same size and original. Looking for the above mentioned. Kindly pm your offers! Thank you!
  13. Looking for the original A/CLA/GLA45 AMG bbk. Kindly pm your offers. Thank u!
  14. NIL
  15. posting on behalf of my boss 6pot brembo bbk 355m disc fit w204 & w212 yellow caliper letting go $2100/- contact ling at 96306938 will upload pictures tomorrow. fcfs