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  1. I would like to give special thanks to Alvin and his team for their advices and professional services provided. My car was previously tuned by another tuner which was diagnosed with persistent cylinder limit error codes. After several specious explanations by the previous tuner, I contacted Alvin for a second opinion to identify the actual root cause of the issue which boils down to the tune and also came to know that there were many others who also had a lot of issues after the tune done up the said tuner. Alvin was patient in answering and providing advices on my countless queries even though I did not engage his services until several months later. He is an extremely responsible person and always responded to my queries even on his off days. There is a lot of comfort and assurance dealing with Alvin as he will not try to explain his way out for stuff which he is unsure of unlike the previous tuner. Thanks again to Alvin and his team.
  2. The description says DPS engine flush (250ml)..They used 500ml for my servicing.
  3. Thanks for the advise. Just an update, the actual bill came out to be 900plus, which includes some engine cleaner liquid, and fuel additives which I did not opt in for it neither did they seek my permission..because they did ask for my permission during the 15k servicing previously...as for the tyres, they recommended Yokohama which i rejected them...
  4. Wish to check with the bros here who have done their 30k servicing on the price charged by CnC. I was advised to be $1.2k when I sent in. However, the website quoted $816 - $960 despite having a clause stating prices are subjected to change without prior notice. Also, they advised me to change my tyres stating the center thread left 2.8mm.... I was kinda surprise that the bridgestone tires wear out so fast? However, the tyre thread always look so deep n fresh to me every week i wash my car. Do you guys encountered the same?
  5. I know how it feels. It will never be the same again even if respray.
  6. I feel its more likely due to increase in complacency and boost of ego by extra 50% as all your love ones are in your vehicle.
  7. I believe this is the accident you are describing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csA4URAhXmA
  8. Recently I had my whole bumper re-sprayed at CnC due to a taxi that brushed against my front bumper in a petrol kiosk whilst I was making payment. Due to the warranty issue, I have to let CnC do the paint work. However, the result was absolutely unacceptable when I did a check on the car. I went back to the service rep and ask whether did his guys really did a full respray on the bumper, he confidently assured me before taking a good look at my car. The downtime for respraying the bumper takes 3 full days and the same amount spend can be done 4x at outside workshops. Original damage area Two tones paint on the bumper (left side) Two tones paint on bumper (left side) Two tones paint on bumper (right side) I did the touch up using touch up paint before the respray, they just simply spray a lacquer over it Many small blemishes spotted on the bumper. blemishes spotted on the bumper misalignment on the right side of the bumper leaving gaps and holes in between. left side of the bumper that show proper fitting with the headlight.
  9. It does not cure the parktronics issue. It will still sound off as usual. The software update is to fix the software bug pertaining to the collision prevention assist malfunction notification that appear at the console menu for no apparent reason. What the technician told me was that it was due to sg car plate being longer than other countries (which I think is just bs) and thus blocking the lower sensor (which I deemed is the collision sensor instead of the parktronic sensor based on the manual) which is scanning at 45 degree angle and proposed to shorten the length of my carplate. However, this will also mean that my carplate will be frameless and fixed directly with screws which I think is kinda ugly. Hence, decide to live with it instead of letting them to trial an error. The technician also mentioned that this is a common issue for A,B and CLA class which I am also sceptical about it.
  10. Thanks for the information, i was also thinking about the in car cam thingy for monitoring or deter them from abusing our car. Last weekend, while i was sending my car for run in oil change, there was an auntie who came in very angrily complaining to the receptions that the technicians dirtied her car, where she found alot of oil stains on her car passenger seats..But i guess this will be the last time i go back to eunos for servicing or rectifying any issues... Maybe the one at alexander will have better integrity as the HQ is there...
  11. Hi guys, Wish to check with do u guys have any experience at the service centre in Eunos? How do u guys ensure the integrity of the technician thats handling your vehicle? I always discover new things that they did to my car, but i have no concrete evidence... For eg, i sent my vehicle for software update today, after starting the car, i realised that my aircon fan was turned to the max, aircon degree was also switched to 18degrees...my fc rate dropped frm 8.2/100km to 10.3/100km which i believe was mainly due to the aircon usage as my mileague did not have much changes...i was so sian that they abused my aircon this way as i usually dont even will have my aircon fan anything more than 2..
  12. Perhaps its heaven will that it was arranged for him to suffer that fall due to his past misdeeds, getting pains both physically and in monetary terms. However, he does not learn his lessons and sneak away. I will definitely do a full claim against him if its on my cla.
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