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  1. Nice rims, good luck on your sale!
  2. There's an official SGMerc telegram chat you can join: The group has grown too large for Whatsapp
  3. Congrats on your ride! My preferred C&C service centre is the one at Pandan although i'm staying in the East lol. Been there for years so know the people there quite well. YMMV though, try them out and see which you prefer. Your issues: 1) Not normal, get them to check 2) Not normal, get them to check 3) Might be cause the car is 'relatively' new, but should be well run in by now. Could be related to trans fluid and/or trans ECU, feedback to the SA and see what they say Good luck!
  4. Saw a couple running on the roads so i don't think it's offered too recently. Very classy though, good choice! P.S. Picture from Google
  5. What's your mileage? Due for trans fluid change? Not sure on the capacity, hopefully other members can chime in.
  6. Is this the AMG line? Nice!
  7. Bump to the top!
  8. Possible to share here for the benefit of the other members looking too? Thanks!
  9. Hey bro, i believe Raymond rarely checks in here. As stated in the first post:
  10. Welcome back! Black on black is an amazing choice, any pics to share? Really liking the new W213.
  11. Is this exhaust tip from the GLC43/63? Mind sharing where you had it done? Thanks!
  12. Also, @Stanford Ho, please do not single out members with pictures or their rides or VRN. This is a rule that applies forum wide. Thanks.