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  1. Welcome bro. The waiting is always the hardest part but will be worth it in the end. Welcome to the Mercedes family!
  2. Could never get mine to be the same, albeit on a 911 Turbo. Learned to live with it.
  3. AMAZING colour, well done bro. Love it. The rims are a good fit too.
  4. On aftermarket (eBay) white bulbs for my A4. Passed inspection no issue. Maybe depends on the tester?
  5. Congrats! The wheels and kit looks awesome together. Good choice!
  6. as @kepiting1sg mentioned, easiest way locally would be to go to a scrapyard to find the items you required. alternatively what i do is source out the items on eBay, get them shipped over here and installed locally. some OEM interior bits from China are extremely cheap and the vendors do throw in free shipping as well.
  7. @ACEGabz looking good bro, are those 19s or 20s?
  8. massive thanks to bro @rickosw and team for putting everything together. great job!
  9. should not be. how long ago did you change the transmission oil? any error codes/CEL?
  10. nice AMG kit bro, good luck to your sales!
  11. @Cahn77 would be helpful if you posted a picture. good luck to your sale!
  12. welcome @RicQ! make yourself feel at home here and hope to see you at a meetup soon. any pics of your ride?
  13. oops i thought the rear was wider as well. paiseh.
  14. hahaha the rear will be a MASSIVE job. anyway car looks great, congrats and enjoy!