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  1. Welcome back! Black on black is an amazing choice, any pics to share? Really liking the new W213.
  2. Is this exhaust tip from the GLC43/63? Mind sharing where you had it done? Thanks!
  3. Also, @Stanford Ho, please do not single out members with pictures or their rides or VRN. This is a rule that applies forum wide. Thanks.
  4. Hi Rickson, just wanted to summarize and publicly highlight what i've WhatsApps you about and alleviate the situation once and for all (i hope). Regarding your comment about your previous post being deleted, i have explained to you that it is done in the wrong thread/post/forum. This thread is for Dynotechnica to offer their services, promotions, offers, and discounts to SGMerc members as a site sponsor. We have a site sponsor feedback section AND/OR if there is a thread in the ECU tuning section of the forum, you are more than welcome to share your thoughts there. I do take offence to the fact that you seem to insinuate that the site sponsors can do no wrong and that they are protected by the site admins. This is 100% UNTRUE. Again, as i have mentioned to you in our conversation, you and anyone else can easily do a search on the forums regarding BAD reviews and NEGATIVE feedback on our CURRENT and PAST SGMerc sponsors. There are plenty of these threads that have not been deleted. In fact, there are posts about the very sponsor you are speaking of here that have not been deleted elsewhere in the forum. We are and will ALWAYS be a forum to serve the members FIRST, a platform to share and exchange information, and the sponsors' interets will come after that. By supporting SGMerc and helping out with expenses and costs of maintaining SGMerc, the sponsors have their every right to advertise and be reviewed by our members, in the right time and place on the forum. The only time when we have deleted posts are the 3 following scenarios: 1) Legal 2) Issue Resolved 3) Flaming and baseless accusations / Wrong Section Regarding point 3, i believe you posted in another of Dynotechnica's thread when a member queried "How much is your ECU tune" to Dynotechnica to which you replied "Don't waste your time unless you want a blown ECU/engine" or something to that effect. That was totally uncalled for and contributes nothing to that member or anyone reading the post. It is these type of posts which we will not allow. When you start going on a tirade against Dynotechnica in almost every of the threads, it starts to seem as though you have a personal vendetta against Dynotechnica. I understand you have friends that did not have good experience when getting a tune at Dynotechnica to which you told me "Why have a sponsor that have 'damaged' so many Mercedes"; You have to also know that there are 2 sides to every story and plenty of Dynotechnica supporters and customers have approach me as well after hearing about this debacle to show their support for how DTC has helped them with their issues or how they are happy with DTC's tuning. So i ask; if you have 10 cars with issues, any 11 customers are happy with them, should we boot them off the forums? Every business will have their unhappy clients, just because you are vocal does that mean we kick off a sponsor just because you are not satisfied with their service? I believe DTC has been around for more than 10 years, if they are as bad as you have claimed, i would really like to learn from Benny how to run a business like this. I do sympathize with those whom have had a less than perfect experience when tuning at DTC, to which we as SGMerc admins are always happy to try and help resolve if possible. If you really feel you have been wronged, please explore the legal route to seek recourse. I don't think any forum in Singapore or on the internet will allow a flame war to go in and repeated accusations against any company, sponsor OR NOT. If you or your acquaintances still feel we are siding the site sponsors, please feel free to contact me directly, you have my number, and i will be happy to show you bad review and feedback threads that are located right here on the forums. I don't want to go into the rumors which we have heard regarding commercial sabotage, competition between workshops, etc, as these are still BASELESS at the moment but i certainly hope what is happening here is not related to that. Lastly, while this issue is about DTC, anything i have said above will apply to any site sponsors and/or workshops. This forum is about sharing valid and constructive feedback and reviews and i trust most if not all of the members here can do their own due diligence and MAKE AN INFORMED decision. NO business can ever please 100% of their clients, and the mantra of DYODD has always being around. Thank you and i appreciate your understanding. P.S. I have offered to speak to Benny regarding the issues you and your friends have faced since last week but i haven't heard anything from anyone at all so if you are still keen on resolving the situation, my offer still stands. Vincent, i might be wrong but i believe the reason the threadstarter has not replied to the question is due to the assumption that the question posted was not a genuine one, i.e. troublemakers looking to discount the charts posted and/or insinuate something negative is going on. Benny has repeatedly invited you to call him to clarify the graphs and i am more than happy for you to give him a call and post the explanation here if you are REALLY that keen on finding out as per your repeated postings. To be honest i am keen to know the answer as well. THANK YOU. Common sense will prevail eventually. I think this thread and flame war has gone on long enough. I'll leave this post up for 3 days before all unrelated posts will be removed.
  5. We have a few sponsors providing those services. Mention you are from SGMerc for a better price.
  6. Quite rare for ECU to up lorry. Did it get soaked in the rain or anything like that?
  7. Hi @ericcwt, are you looking to install or purchase? If basic installation, most if not all of our workshop site sponsors will be able to assist you. You can find them here:
  8. Welcome bro. The waiting is always the hardest part but will be worth it in the end. Welcome to the Mercedes family!
  9. Could never get mine to be the same, albeit on a 911 Turbo. Learned to live with it.
  10. AMAZING colour, well done bro. Love it. The rims are a good fit too.
  11. On aftermarket (eBay) white bulbs for my A4. Passed inspection no issue. Maybe depends on the tester?