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  1. Liking the red details on the side mirror. Awesome!
  2. Welcome! Which model did you get?
  3. Some pictures would help. And stock brakes you are looking for are for the W212 E200?
  4. Had the same issue but on my other car, turned out to be a faulty amplifier. Bro @dyeeng is right, get an ICE expert to take a look at it. SGMerc site sponsor @EleBest is a good choice.
  5. Collected my FL W222 S-Class at Alexandra, but the collection was inside the carpark. LOL.
  6. $3,500?! That's a steal! I'd get it and do whatever work is needed. Edit: Just saw from you're location you're in India, still cheap i reckon.
  7. There's an official SGMerc telegram chat you can join: The group has grown too large for Whatsapp
  8. Congrats on your ride! My preferred C&C service centre is the one at Pandan although i'm staying in the East lol. Been there for years so know the people there quite well. YMMV though, try them out and see which you prefer. Your issues: 1) Not normal, get them to check 2) Not normal, get them to check 3) Might be cause the car is 'relatively' new, but should be well run in by now. Could be related to trans fluid and/or trans ECU, feedback to the SA and see what they say Good luck!
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