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  1. Hi Bryanooi, I am looking for 19 inch. Thank you
  2. Hi Matte,

    Sorry i am not keen in the BBS.


    Thank you

  3. Hello, Just bumped into your post. I can see that you already have a lot of person willing to sell theirs to you. I have a complete set to part with. They are in excellent condition. LMK if you're interested. 

  4. Dear friends, If you have for sale original or replica, do send me a message. Preferbly silver
  5. Hi, Are those original rims? Could u pls adv the cost and place of purchase. Tks
  6. Nice,,,can we do the facelift on our CLA? Wonder where can order...perhaps a gp buy?
  7. Hi there, Do text me at 81121918. Can u pls whatsapp me the rim with the scratch. Best if i can have the rims without tyres. Tks
  8. Hi, is this the same for CLA 45 AMG?
  9. I have the last one for sale $20 each. As new as i remove only 1 mth after i got my car
  10. Any friends know the estimated price of the 365mm 6 pot brake kit?
  11. , Does the rear diffuder fit over our original or do we remove and re-intall? Pls PM price as well. or msg me 81121918
  12. Do u have filter for CLA 200? Pls advise price
  13. Has any friends bought this locally yet?
  14. Hi CTS, I like your rear spoiler. Can u pls provide a view from the side of the car. The back portion will be great. Tks