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  1. Yes, It's sounded like a taxi from the outside but it's very quiet on the inside. E250 come with run flat tyres, it's hard and responsive road resulting in a hard ride. The Power & handling of the car is impressive and not forgetting the widescreen cockpit. I for one feel that the new 9G still need a bit a refinement though...
  2. I also have a problem with the W213 (Manufacture date 2016) a few days after receiving it and notice that the engine don't sound right with fluttering sound when the accelerator was depress. It really sound like the ignition timing was off. Send it to C&C and it require 1 full day to do the diagnostic and reset the car software. After the software was reset or car was calibrated, the engine return to normal.
  3. The Active Brake Assist is a 2 sided blade... When you are driving on the Expressway it will give a warning sign that you are too close to the front car and you will anticipate it and slow down. Whether the car will slow down slowly or will brake in time will be anyone guess for now... Overall I find the Active Brake Assist quite a useful function overall in terms of giving us a clear calculated speed warning that we are too close. Cheers for keeping the road safer.
  4. The W213 Active Brake Assist have 2 function, first is audible warning signal to warn you if you are too close to front vehicle and 2nd is Auto Braking will be activated if audible warning is ignored. The audible warning sound may be quite irritating for those who use to keep close distance to front traveling vehicle and also if audible warning are ignored it may auto trigger the Active Brake Assist.
  5. Yes, I found the Merc W213 E250 very noisy and sounded like a taxi. The only thing that I appreciate is the 360 view and Mercedes should have added a camera function that record so that we can do away with Thinkware & Black Vue.
  6. By the way I'm running on the original 18" Rim from C&C. I felt that the engine was a little not smooth & responsive during acceleration. Lots of wind noise at 90km/hr as compare to my previous Merc W204.
  7. I just got my Merc E250 W213 in June. Would like to know what is the fuel consumption of the Merc E250. Mostly traveling on Expressway 80% of the time and my fuel consumption is about 12L/100km but the spec from Mercedes Singapore site as combined traveling is 6.3-5.9L. Any input from anyone driving the Merc W213 on the fuel consumption is welcome.
  8. Can give full list of upgrade for W213 just like the above W205 list. Thanks
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