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  1. may i know how much per pair + installation? my 2013 c-class got exploding sound when bass too strong.
  2. TLS Auto, bukit merah
  3. i let my HDB mscp Indian car washer wash everyday. once a while go jb wash and wax or polish... still shiny and clean until now...
  4. sometimes the bonnet close sensors not properly activated... just push a little bit harder when closing will do...
  5. looks like he drivin GLC 250
  6. New personal record!!!
  7. engine breath better than MANN filter, my butt feeling like more responsive... haha
  8. i just bought 5pcs Groovy shades from KL M'sia for my W204. they courier to my house in KL, as i frequently travel back to M'sia. i got it much cheaper than SG.
  9. Not sure if outside reputable workshops whether they let us bring our own parts (original parts from golden link) to do servicing onot? afraid they might not entertain us...
  10. this SA told me to get the package while doing B+ servicing, meaning on top of B+ servicing, they will add another 2 more normal servicing. it will cost ard 2,5k for total 3 servicing (incl B+). worth onot?
  11. JB Shell 97
  12. Went down C&C to replace my fan belt FOC (still under warranty), due to squeaky sound during cold start. my SA told me, 60k km B+ service will cost ard sgd 2k plus. dunno how much they will charge if some other parts needs to be replace?