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  1. Hi Ivo, Active Parking Assist is really great feature in this 2019 model. After scanning for a parking space, all you need to do is just engage the reverse gear once only. The Car will reverse and forward itself automatically into a parking lot. My SA said the previous version 2018 version requires you to engage reverse gear and forward back and forth until it the car Parks into lot. No sure if it is a fact. Did your sales guy mention this to you?
  2. Hi All, Sharing some photos. Yes came with Pirelli P7 staggered wheel and purchased from C&C. My tyre pressure at Front 220 & R230psi which I find the ride a little hard. Do agree that steering wheel seems a little to much to the left. Meanwhile, Desperately trying to figure out how to delete the complete list of contacts in the phonebook that was downloaded from the iPhone. Cheers Brothers..
  3. Hi All, Traded In my W212 E200 and just got my new ride a W213 E250 AVG Iridium Silver black interior / 18" Rims Tyres P7 Pirelli. I think the Steering wheel & Cruise Control has slight modifications. Need to figure out many of the other features as I am primitive when it comes to technology. Cheers/Mikepact
  4. Traded In my W212 E200 and Book a W213 E250 AVG. Expected Arrival Sept/Oct 18. Only 4 colours available 1)Obsidian Black, Cavansite Blue, Selenite Grey & Iridium Silver. I finally choose Iridium Silver but don't seem to see anyone else mentioning this colour. Not sure if this colour is offered only recently or it is not a suitable or preferred colour for the E250 AVG. Will appreciate some advise/comments.
  5. Will appreciate if anyone can recommend a workshop for change of suspension. Model E200 / Reg Date:3/5/2012 Milelage already 140K. Cheers
  6. I also need to change my suspension. mileage almost 130k. anyone who can recommend. will appreciate
  7. I also have the same problem with my rear camera with my E212. I know TOMO-CSE Autotrim were the one who install for MB. I will visit them the next few days to check.
  8. After holding off for 6 months, it is time to change my shocks as car is getting a bit hard. My Ride is W212 E200 Year 2011 - Mileage 100KM. To save some cost, Intend to buy from Stockist and get a workshop to do the fitting. Can any bro recommend a reliable workshop.
  9. My ride is W212 E200 -year 2011 with about 80k mileage. Find it a little hard and bumpy during braking. I was quoted by C&C for shock absorbers at $4300.00 c/w GST less 10 to 15% off.
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