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  1. Wil

    OEM absorber

    Anyone have update on prices for those workshop genuine mercedes shocks plus mounting plus cover form germany? I am going to change my front and rear and got quoted all in with labour is around $2000 to $2400 range. Is it expensive for a merc e class 2010? is it normal for your shocks to be working fine even after 10yrs? My mileage now already over 100,000km... I did the normal suspension test of pushing at letting it bounce.. but it is normal, 1 bounce finished.
  2. Just installed it and I am having the same problem. So, I am most probably going back to the installer to ask whether can connect the amplifer to only the AUX input to boost the volume. Saw from Youtube , it's a problem even without the android unit. A lot of people use the AUX input to connect to their phone for spotify music in US. It is just the AUX input lacking the volume boost. So, the quick solution for those folks is to plug in a portable amplifier ($100 ish) and connect to their phones.
  3. ya, saw someone selling it at carousell with install. Also tempted to try this out.
  4. mine is a 2010 w212. Inside the car with aircon on, it is very quiet, only can hear road noise and engine. Open the windows, I will hear the gear changing sound.. like cluck cluck cluck..
  5. How much will it cost to replace one front passenger seat for a w212 pre-facelift? My front passenger seat is inflated till it is pushing against the side of the console.
  6. Thanks Ah Bui. Yes, 1st time renewing COE and was thinking Mercedes built like a tank and shouldn't have much problem. But you all seems to be experiencing quite a lot of wear and tear that costs a lot to fix. End up , I might be better off getting a brand new Audi A3 or Q2! My total rebate amt is $25k. Audi overtrade is $15k 25+15 = 40k. Audi sells Q2 At $140k. So just need to pony up $100k. If i renewed my COE $40k and account for $20k servicing and maintenance = $60k. So, net difference to me will be between buying new car and renewing is only $40k. If get C class , maybe is $60-80k difference. I just find it a waste ... to scrap a perfectly good car. Thanks for all your advice guys. much appreciated.
  7. Your mileage really high! After 10years, my mileage still at 60k+ only. Anyway, humour me a little. Do you know why Mercs S320 that are only 2017 reg. selling for $285k? I see a lot of used car of that range selling at sgcarmart. Now i'm thinking whether it's worth buying a Mercs s320 with 8yrs left versus a new Mercs E200 with 10yrs coe. Roughly same price! I'm thinking all the towkays used 2-3yrs all want to upgrade or change new car? They don't mind taking the depreciation.
  8. I checked with a few vendors and range from $7k to 13k inclusive of paint and reprogramming of the lights. $13k gets you the original lamps and the full set of E63 FL kit. $7k gets you the HID taiwan lamp and the full set of E63 FL kit. But it does seem like a bad idea to do it. Makes me feel like a poser , though I just wanted something more current without paying an arm and leg for it. Renewed my COE only at $40k plus $20k for Facelift and other maintenance and can use for another 10years versus.. Buying a new Mercs E class for $240k and my rebate amt now is at $25k. I don't want to spend so much on a car. Decisions decisions. Thanks for your contact. I will checked with him if I really decided to go down this route.
  9. for the conversion from pre-facelift to a facelifted version, it seems they will be using taiwan made HID headlamps and rear. Would like to know whether there is any concerns in particular to the below. 1) Approved by LTA? Or would it passed if I buy the OEM original ILS headlamps? 2) Passed inspection by Vicom? 3) Fire hazard? Heard the HID or bright headlamps required high watts and usually will burn the fuse or socket. If I just used 4000/4300k lamp, it will be ok right? thanks.
  10. Hi, Bought my E sedan on Nov 2010, the 3yr warranty period is over. Now I can go do servicing outside of that horrendous place. My indicator have notified me the Mercs is ready for the Assyt Plus B5(I guess that means the FULL Maintenance). I have also noticed one of my Rear passenger Door Locked is Spoilt (It can't locked when I auto-locked the door). From the threads I gathered MBM and BCC is the place to go for full-fledged servicing. Any guys have done FULL Maintenance in either of the place and what is the cost like? Do they use Mercedes parts or others? As for the door locked problem, is it advisable to go back to C&C or can MBM/BCC fixed it as well? Thanks for the advise, I'm looking to book a servicing next Monday or Tuesday morning.
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