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  1. Just had it installed by Monster Tune. One of the biggest caliber around.. AP Radical with 390mm on 20inch wheels.. Wasn't sure about 390mm but Monster Tune assured me it will be nice. Glad that I took their advise.. Will be doing the back wheels soon..
  2. Hey, I'm not too sure. Thank you guys!
  3. Matt Black Staggered 20inch (10" & 8.5") ET35 rims for sale. Very Good condition with slight scratches. Matt black can't really see scratches and dust. 4 pieces currently on my SL350. I have additional 2 brand new pieces. One for front and one for back. Selling all 6pieces at $800. Sms me please. Eddy - 96655477
  4. Hey Storm, I have seen a few older R230 facelifted to 2008 in Singapore. Some claimed to have spent $20K but I believe you can do it below $10K. Other than the exterior panels and headlights, the other difference will be the steering wheel and seats. You can consider having it tuned by monster tune too. Cheers Eddy