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  1. Great. You can practically sit beside your car (in aircon room) to see them do the job. Takes about 1.5 - 2 hours. All the best.
  2. My pleasure. Understand they have cheaper alternatives (made in China) at about half the price I think. Hope the info is helpful.
  3. Yes, I got them changed at an Audio Shop in Ubi with German made brand. Damage at $600 for 6 speakers (including two which are placed inside the panels next to the side mirrors). All 4 door speakers diaphragm broken when the doors panels were opened up. They were made of paper. Understand this appears to be a common problem for my generation (W212 - 2010) of Merc.
  4. Dear all, All my 4 speakers are rattling when volume turn a little up. Time to change. Anyone know any reliable and reasonable workshop that specialized in changing Mercedes Speakers? As I understand that need to open up the door panels and also unplug some wirings. And I learn that there are some "clips" in the door panels are are quite fragile. As such, I am quite concern and would hope to go to an experience workshop (other than C&C who usually arm with a knife to slaughter) who is also specialize in Speakers or ICE. I do not want a situation that speakers rectified but have to face with other electronics or wiring issue on other functions later. Hope to hear soon. Thanks.
  5. Thanks All. One more question which I have always wanted to know..... as different people told me different thing. At the start of the day, after starting the engine, do we need to stay for a while to let the engine warm up before moving off ? If so, how long?
  6. May I know what is the normal engine temperature that should be shown on the temp indicator when travelling on the road during day time? Is 85 deg C normal?
  7. Hi Guys, I am new here. Just want to confirm that this TCU reset will also work for 2010 W212 model? Anyone tried for this model? Thanks.
  8. Hi Guys, I am new here. Looking at changing my engine and gearbox mounting for my 2010 W212. Any idea what is the current price to pay and any recommendation of workshop in the East? Thanks in advance.
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