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  1. Hey guys recently I drove all the way to selangor to meet a guy who installs this media player. It's a custom fit looks original and has full interaction to the car. I'm driving a w204. It's a android player and works great . Only 1k sgd. The guy works from home and has some really cool gadgets for the w204. He's also driving it so he upgrades with his mods. He's coming singapore Sep 9 2018 to 12 Sept 2018, so if it keen call him or what's app chat. I've posted pic of my player. Do check his Facebook for more pic His contact is below DMP car design. Can search Facebook +60 175521201
  2. Hiaz... Now I have same error. Steering so hard. So many different solutions. Not sure what to change. So expensive too..
  3. Still have not solved the going over puddle of water problem
  4. What's a ABS kick in bro. My mechanic said it's due to wheel bearings. Now the noise is gone buto suspension giving noise also. Ha ha 1 after another.
  5. Hi guys any of you experience that problem. Everytime I go over a puddle of water in get a weird sound from exhaust area. Not sure why. I just changed all my wheel bearings due to very noisy drive and now this. 5year old w204 I went to my mechanic he's a nice chap. Did a lot for my ride too.
  6. Hey sure ,it's Fuji motors at toh guan. They seem to do many turbo charged cars. The last service I brought my own parts and he changed it for me with low cost and my intercooler got dmg by road debri. I just brought my own parts and he changed it
  7. Hey guys I found a new location ,maybe only new to me la. So far I do service and some repair the guys are kinda good bro. He's charges are reasonable too. Anyone keen to try out let me know. Toh guan area
  8. Now I want the decal too. Who and when can I get one guys