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  1. Cnc told me, there is a lifespan for sbc, if lifespan over, they will replace. But if it spoiled before the lifespan, no.
  2. Sent in my car to cnc. Got the sbc brake replaced. Totally FOC only paid for towing. Now the car feel like new....thanks for the information. retiefgoosen and keltanky thank you!
  3. Thank you for this important info, will check with them tomorrow.
  4. Was on highway, suddenly brakes not working, totally gone. Alert came out 'brake pressure released' abs esp and foot brake all came out. Towed to workshop, said sbc brake malfunction. Need to change, about 8k. But they dare not change for me. Should i go back cnc? My car is cls350, 2007 Feb, omv 84k, coe 12k. Shoild i repair or scrape? Thanks.
  5. so happening.....with my old ride don't dare to join....220km/h even the machine can, my heart cannot!
  6. Any idea where to go for this problem (west singapore) ?
  7. I'm not the first owner....do not have the folder. Look like have to wait till next week gathering and ask help from all the brothers. ...laughs.
  8. Got a kiss by taxi from rear, both passenger and driver head-rest activated. Menu stated that, get the reset tool from gloves compartment. Checked, nothing found in compartment. Anyone know what tool and how to reset? Thanks.
  9. Posted Today, 06:54 PM Ladies & Gentlemen, The long-awaited 1st mega-meetup of 2014 is here. Date: 1st March 2014 (Saturday) Time: 1630 - 1830 Location: Optima Werkz (site/venue sponsor) 6 Kung Chong Road, Singapore 159143 Parking: FREE Highlights: Media coverage by local top magazines Individual car showcase FREE SGMerc decal for all members (thanks to sponsors) Food/drinks provided More information will be posted closer to the date (itinerary), etc. For now, mark your calendars as there will be free food/drinks, collecting of official SGMerc decal, and more! download.jpg 1) snsd555 2) keltanky 3) g8crasher 3) Yap TP 4) randy 5) unker 6) markcwq 7) berrie 8) alvin3333 9) spencer/mem0ry27 10) chris c63 11) odessus slk63amg 12) blackmerc 13) tekku 14) Ah Bui E6.3.... 15) MB225 16) FCW (new extra here, hope u guys dont mind haha!) 17) totoseow 18) ragez 19) asiadj 20) Paladin 21) ray5533 22) reggie_nana 23) Ruth, lenfuma03 SLK ftw 24) SilverMerc78 25) Telracs (another new extra .....) 26) Tomas 27) MercZai 28) Tanzy ///M V16 Turbo SLK88 S-Model GT3RS-R Quattro Speed Trofeo Speciale /////AMG Black Series 29) Machi 30) WazzupDad 31) achtungku 32) PWT 33) cts1984 34) chiatf 35) sam212 36) Saluki555 37) 38) CESKLASS 39) Davidsam 69) eastendboy8
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