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  1. for the Gold & Platinum package, "replace cabin filter" - is the cost of the cabin filter included in the package or at owner's additional cost ?
  2. Just changed Auto Transmission Fluid at Sparks Car Care : 5L @ $105 + $22.50 for labour
  3. Any A180 owners changed the Auxiliary battery as well ? Was told by C&C it would cost around $400-500 !!
  4. For owners with free tire patching for first 3 years, do go to the C&C Tire Service (no prior appointment needed) to check the tires regularly even if nothing seems wrong. 2 months ago, before my freebies expired, I already noticed 1 of the tires losing pressure more than others. While doing a grooming service, I specifically told C&C Alexandra to help me check the tires & reported my tire issue. They returned the car without mentioning any issues with tire losing pressure but charged me for tire rotation which I earlier agreed. The problem tire was switched to the rear right. Today, my front tire got a puncture from screw leading to pressure loss. When at the Pandan Loop Tire service, we found 2 other nails in the 2 rear tires. These were also removed and tires patched. The cost is small, just $10 per patch. There is no way to prove the other 2 nails were already there 2 months ago, but it is likely bcos the pressure loss in the same tire had persisted even after last tire rotation. Just for awareness, and don't assume C&C will do the checks as requested. For tire check, be there physically and it takes less than 10 minutes.
  5. The CC Service staff quite nice, gave me the battery test result (though did not explain) Test shows a charge of 12.22V at Temp of 71 deg C From googling, this seems to say that my battery is only less than 50% charged even after being driven. Think I will suck it up, go back to CC to change battery with 2 yrs warranty. The Ctek battery tester and charger at $180 seems like a good deal ... maybe can share share with relatives or neighbours. Thanks for the info.
  6. is it reasonable to ask C&C to provide the battery test reading, instead of a simple note that says battery is weak, needs replacement ?
  7. Just did Service Package B at CC Labor Short Test $60 Labour - oil change, ws fluid, oil filter $120 Replace Air Filter Element $12 Replace Brake Fluid $72 Rotate Tires $17 Oil Filter Element $39 Cleaning Agent $9 Engine Oil Shell $145 Air Fliter Insert $107 Brake Fluid $95 DPS Oil Cleaner $46 (2 x 250ml) Fuel Additive $29 Total $753 before GST (rounded figures) I asked not to change Air Cabin filter which I changed myself. Should have asked to exclude the Cleaning Agent, cos I topped up Windscreen solution not too long ago. Was quoted $540 to change weak battery by CC but I KIV.
  8. talking about rearview camera, realised today it no longer works after getting car back from MB workshop ??!!
  9. No, I dont link any accessories to the battery. Does the reverse camera draw from battery ? It was locally installed by MB.
  10. My cheapo car cam dont have that 24/7 function .. next time I will unplug it when not using altogether. Could also be my frequent short journeys I suppose ... those 15-20km type.
  11. At Service B, was told car battery weak, MB quoted $530 incl labour to change ! Car is just 2 years old and 20k mileage only. Seems like start / stop probably has got something to do with shorter than usual battery life. Any recommended workshop to change the MB battery ?
  12. just figured out how to change the cabin air filter ... will opt out in my coming Service B
  13. pls can provide each item's cost for reference ? labour probably a big chunk ? thanks
  14. after just 16 months, the C&C local fitted reverse camera giving problem it works after cold start & drive a while thereafter, it no longer works (black screen) leave it overnight, works again, then dont work ... sian
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