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  1. Full conversion to E 63 spec, newly wrap special matt grey, latest Ultimate RS race chips, AMG flat bottom with red thread with tiptronic control, front 6 pot & rear 4 pot with new brake pads, 19" 2 pcs BC forge rims (superlight weight) , imported fender flare, and many extras ..... console carbon wrap. Engine tip top, new engine mounting and suspension arm. low mileage 110K , service by C & C. 2 owner only , contact fred @96645633
  2. Full conversion to E63 and newly wrap special matt grey colour, upgrade race chip (lastest RS ultimate race chips) Flat bottom AMG red thread steering wheel, Front 6 pot & rear 4 pot (new brake pad) , imported front fender flare, 19" - 2pcs forge rims (super light weight-approx. $5500), low mileage 117,000 km, only 2 owner.Engine tip top condition, accident free. service by C&C. many extra accessories included. year 2011 / may. asking : $68,800 only. optional: can dekit and sell separately if offer is ok Contact: Fred @96645633
  3. bro, still available?
  4. Bro, can send some photos and contact number
  5. Bro, can i have your contact or you call me at 96645633

  6. bro, can i have your contact? i am interested
  7. how much you selling?
  8. much you going to let go?
  9. Bro, I have one piece black color, excellent condition. Call me at 96645633
  10. Used w212 quad exhaust with LTA approval
  11. I hv a fl w204 rear bumper
  12. Bro, anymore oil available? contact me @96645633
  13. Front brake caliper include rotor $250 Rear bumper $100 Hp 96645633
  14. Just convert my car to E63 body kits, selling away stock items, Bonnet Grille -Sold Front and rear bumper Front head lights Rear tail lights Side skirt condition 9/10 HP 96645633
  15. Hi bro, is your Brabus exhaust still available?