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  1. Looking for bridgestone POTENZA RE050A non RFT size 245/40/18. New or used doesn't matter but for used prefer 85% up condition Thank you
  2. ilovemerc

    AMG Wheel

    Hi guys, Looking for AMG wheel of W212 (18") or C207 (19") Please kindly contact me at +62 81294022880 (Indonesian) or PM me if any info Thank you
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for used original W212 AMG rear trunk spoiler. Preferred colour is obsidian black (paint code 197) Kindly please WA or Send a msg to +6281294022880 Thank you
  4. what kind of steering wheel is your stock? 4 spoke or same 3 spoke? When did you change the steering wheel?
  5. I'm sure its compatible but how will i check circuit board which came with? i have not even bought it...or maybe you know the codes or how i should ask the seller?
  6. so i can swap my old 4 spoke steering wheel circuit to new 3 spoke steering wheel? anyway what is PCB? my car is YOM 12/1/2, do you understand what it is?
  7. so if my old one is 4 spoke, it can't be replaced right? maybe after i buy this steering wheel and the buttons doesn't work i will pm u bro
  8. Actually, i have compared which steering wheel parts are different between my car & my friend's car which already use this steering wheel as stock part from MB EPC based on our vin's number. Our car have a same year production but different month only. From my research, i found only 3 items difference: steering wheel, airbag, & RS wiring harness (i don't know what it is). My doubt came out when i searched for steering wheel & airbag from ebay, one of seller told me that i have to change steering wheel contact plate also in order to make steering wheel buttons, horn, & light work. They said because now produced steering wheel has new contact plate which compatible only with facelift steering column (part that consist of gearshift, cruise control lever) so i have to change contact plate to the old one to install on old steering column. Another problem is we can order contact plate separately since it built in steering wheel. I have asked MB dealer for it and they can't find contact plate part number in their EPC. (i think the contact plate location is behind the silver plate, that's why MB EPC can't find because its can not be separated from the steering wheel) Tell me what do you think guys...thank you
  9. what is PCB? this steering wheel is for W212. my friend's car which is also same year with me uses this steering wheel for stock
  10. Hi guys, I plan to change my stock 4 spoke steering wheel to 3 spoke AMG sport steering wheel. But, as i read from other forum, if our car is before june 2012 production, the horn, light, button don't work. We have to change steering wheel contact plate in order to make them work normally. My car is 2012 but before june production. Have anyone do or have experience on it before? Please if anybody does share to me Thank you I attached some picture about the parts Contact plate Steering wheel i want to change
  11. please pm me the price for this one include airbag...actually i don't need airbag in leather just the normal one.
  12. Hi everyone, Looking for this kind of steering wheel Prefer the used one unless the price will be reasonable for new The part number must be A172 460 2703 9E38 for the steering wheel, and A172 860 1602 9116 for the airbag I'm looking for complete steering wheel & airbag. Please WA at +62812 94 022 880 if you have any information Thank you for your attention.
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