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  1. Main objective was for them to man up that they made a mistake on sticking a 2 year warranty sticker on every battery. If there are terms and conditions written somewhere, they can also refer the consumer to it. There is none. They should reinforce on this part to prevent understanding. Regarding finding fault with 3rd party replacement, I can understand that as it opens the Pandora’s box when it comes to addressing issues raised. It is hard to place blame on 3rd party parts even if they are suspect. Best to put down in writing and absolve all responsibility. The battery was issued by them. Bottom line, apologize they overlooked the matter.
  2. Getting cars from C&C are done at a premium. There is a certain level of service expected for that premium. If there is a lapse in procedure, then the organization should be responsible for it and rectify/reinforce the procedure if necessary. Not give incoherent answers. Us showing empathy as a consumer doesn’t help to improve service levels, it condones irresponsible behaviour. Ask yourselves, what did you pay the 15K premium for? For similar answers the PI can give?
  3. My stand to them was straightforward. There must be a certain level of confidence to their offering of 2 yr warranty for these batteries. Whatever fault that is reflected and not fixed, they should endeavour to see it is rectified, warranty notwithstanding. Being a responsible manufacturer (although they do not make them), it should appear peculiar that 2 consecutive batteries in the same car failed at 1.5 years. There was a big warranty sticker on it stating free replacement within 2 years. There should be no 2 ways about it (maybe replacement batteries should not affix such stickers). Why do I get a car at this price bracket for? I pose this question: if this 2nd battery was a paid replacement, would they shy away from a free replacement? At the end of the day, I opine that C&C is running a business more focused on P&L, rather than acting as an extended customer care center for MB (probably MB is like C&C too if they also purportedly agreed with the decision). This will go into consideration for future purchases (I only expected such wrangling from PIs). Throughout the whole interfacing, you get the feeling they are more interested in new sales (true, I was informed top management decision was delayed due to roadshows) than preserving relationships. Caveat emptor.
  4. The first battery on my 2015 CLA180 was replaced under its 2 year warranty when it failed on its 16th month. 18 months later, the 2nd battery failed again due to low voltage (I have no other devices like dash cams installed, servicing has always been done with C&C). The 2nd battery came with a warranty sticker stating 2 years warranty with free replacement. When request for replacement under warranty was put to C&C, they refused stating that since this was a replacement battery, warranty replacement was not possible. An escalation to higher management also came to nought. Shirking of responsibility was non-transparent without explaining logic of decision, they just attributed it to warranty policy (which was not verbally conveyed or found in paperwork). An intent for escalation to Stuttgart principal was met with an answer that all claims are approved by principal (no way to refute, I will send a mail in German nonetheless). Am sending in vehicle for extensive electrical check (check with salespersons at MB centre revealed all their late model Benzes exhibit same occurrence of batteries failing before 2 years.) Apparently 2 years warranty coverage amount to no assurance. All batteries in previous cars (including C180 ML) lasted more than 2 years. Daily commutes involves 20KM+ trips to and fro, fault could hardly be attributed to short trips or bad habits. Buyers beware.
  5. Did anyone get free 3D Maxpider car mats from C&C? Do they start to curl over time?
  6. Hi all, Just curious... how do you clean the car mats that come from C&C with the CLA? if they are not quick drying, I'm contemplating getting another set for swopping. thanks.
  7. There is, we just don't like having to disable it manually when the function is IMHO useless.
  8. I learnt from C&C service advisor the previous batches allowed one to keep the mode off: Turn the key, wait >5 secs then start the engine ---> Eco mode stays off during the drive. But it doesn't work for the latest batches now.
  9. Update: Sent in the car last Thur, had to leave it overnight as they claimed they needed to run full suite of tests and also charge up the Eco battery fully to investigate. Also did a trial on the test drive car and found out that the Eco stop timing duration is also around 25 secs (4pm drive, ambient temp 31.5degC). C&C claims this is within specs and normal. Service advisor sent a msg the following day at noon saying they have to do an adaptation to the Eco mode software and they already found the issue. Collected car at 6pm, servicing report says they have improved the Eco timing from 20-25 sec to 30 sec (?!). Discovered that Eco mode doesn't even engage whole evening and worst still, rear proximity sensors were not working (bars on display didn't show). Wanted to complain the next morning but strangely, the ECo mode and sensors decided to come back to life after a night of rest. Conclusion: LPPL, no discernible difference to Eco stop timing. Total waste of time. Eco stop can't even last a traffic lights change.
  10. Hi, just an update. I was having some issues with my IU and after 2 visits to Vicom to get the wiring redone, I finally had the IU changed last Sat. Lo and behold, the engine off timing now has more variation. The faulty IU actually messed up the Eco mode. The duration can last more than 1.5 mins when the outside temp is less than 25degC (on rainy mornings recently). But the downside is it doesn't stay off for more than 15 secs now during high temp afternoon conditions (~28-31 degC). Now I understand the timing varies greatly depending on a lot of factors. I'm not going to send the car in due to the long holiday weekend. Does your CLA restart after only 15 secs during noon time temps? (Or has everyone just got fed-up and switch Eco mode off when they get in? Lol...)
  11. I feel that it doesn't... Have switched AC off with fan at full blast and it didn't make a difference, the engine stays off for a long period... Anyway, have made an appt for the car to be looked at next week when I return. Will update...
  12. Gathering from all your inputs, I suppose the timing of your restarts in ECO mode varies and is not always 25 secs like mine.... Investigation so far (all with foot on brake): Temp 23 deg Fan speed 1 ~25 secs Temp 22-25 deg Fan speed 0.5 ~25 secs AC off - > 3 mins (didn't wait for restart) Temp 22 deg Fan speed 1 ~25 secs
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