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  1. Looking for a W204 Kompressor Kleenman exhaust header with high flow cat. PM if you wish to let go one. Thankd
  2. The connection will not let u access your phone contact list. You need to transfer it contact via Bluetooth to the car.
  3. It is a known issues on M271 engine. Timing chain and gear material not that compatible resulting in wearing of the sprockets. There should be engine code come up if indeed it is an issue. You might want to go for 2nd opinion.
  4. Has been going to him for more than 6 years. Experience and service very good.
  5. Hi, Looking to buy kleemann header with sport cat. Msg me if you have one to let go. Thanks
  6. This seems to be a known issue with W204 light switch. I leave it at auto and live with the message.if you put it to off, there is a chance parking light will on by itself
  7. I enquiry before, newton auto keys @ turf city is able to do an emulator for the ESL. Last year I asked was 800+.
  8. Hi, Cannot seem to PM you. When was the steering wheel last used? I assumed everything in working condition. Is the price negotiate? Thanks
  9. Hi, What's the offset?
  10. Went to propel yesterday morning liao. But was told they do not sell the vent only. They sell the entire dash..... I was like wth....
  11. Thank for reminding. Found it at Ebay.
  12. Any one scraping their W204 or trading in their ride? I am looking for dash AC vent. It is the round vent picture as shown Let me know if you have 1 for sale
  13. I just brought W204 pre FL and have exactly the same issue. During heavy rain, felt like no power, loud sound from centre of undercarriage and at time burning smell. Do keep us update of any findings, I will share my findings next time I bring the ride to my mechanic
  14. For sale a used BMC air filter for W204/W211 M271 (kompressor engine). S$50 nego