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  1. Hi, As follows: New power as below: 156 HP + 28% 252 Nm + 26% We are very sure you can feel the difference! PMed you the price.
  2. Hi, For A200, power increase is 156 to 199HP and 250 to 320nM of torque! PMed you the price and Happy Boxing Day!
  3. PMed you the price. We are sorry we cannot comment on what Dr Hannson is selling as we have not tested or seen his product.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it can be done for the W204 1.6 turbo CGi.
  5. You are welcome Tommi. Glad that you like it. Our job is to enhance our customers' cars for a more dynamic drive.
  6. Hi All, Introducing the RaceChip® Ultimate...! RC-U will delight you. Installation in a few minutes (depending on model). Our supplemental control unit provides many vehicles with turbo diesel or turbo petrol engines a power increase of up to 31%. At the same time, you can save up to 1 litre of fuel per 100 kilometres. Our database covers over 2,200 vehicles to fit RaceChip® power boxes. How RaceChip® works? We read data from the engine control unit in real time, and optimise many characteristics. These data include items such as injection timing, injection quantity, injection pressure, boost pressure and air mass. As opposed to tuning using the OBD interface, the control unit itself is not overwritten. Thus the RaceChip® leaves no evidence after being removed, and the manufacturer’s software remains in place even after software updates. It's up to 31% more power, up tp 26% more torque, saves up to 1L/100km of fuel. What are you waiting for? us @ 90303389 now!
  7. Sorry for the late reply Tommi. We open at 830am. Look for Prakash when you are there at TT.
  8. Hi, GSS Promo is over. Do call See Toh at 90303389 for details. We are sure we can work something out for you.
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