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  1. Anyone ever sprayed their 20” either to black or any other colors? Care to charge some pics! Cheers!
  2. Looks good! May not see the vast difference on photos but am sure there’s one. Am very keen to get on this project as well!
  3. Outstanding color contrast! Personally ‘researching’ who does the best caliper paint works these days!
  4. Thank you for your hasty reply bro 6699! Very nice looking on your ride!
  5. Very nice! Please share costs and workshop as well, thank you!
  6. Thanks bro... am sure if you can find out more, there will definitely be more bros here keen. Perhaps a group buy?
  7. Looking to let go my brand new (only went from C&C to the tire/rim shop straight!) AMG rims with run flat tyres... Details and actual pictures below: - 4 x 18" AMG 5-Twin Spoke Light Alloy Wheels (Standard AMG Line, Code: 794) - Goodyear Eagle F1 225/40R/18 (Run Flats) Please indicate your interest via a text to me at 9144 3609 with an offer, best offer takes. No low ballers please. C&C are going for $1,383 each (excluding tires and GST), indicatively >$7000, and there's no stock for the moment everywhere, it takes about 1mth from order to arrival as well. Wheels are out of the car and ready to be fitted on immediately to a happy owner, thank you for your interest!
  8. Thanks bro chershen... but the one you should be congratulating should be the buyer, a very nice bro, with an absolutely good buy
  9. Thank you for all your comments and interest, item is sold
  10. The CLA AMG Line comes with 'recommended' specifications as 18"... either the ones I have, 5 spoke, or black multi-spoke. But I believe you can pre-order with 19", am not sure on this as I didn't have the luxury of choosing.
  11. The CLA45 stock 18" are the ones I have bro You got pm!
  12. Thank you bro, as mentioned, am posting to sell to for any bros/sis out there that would like to upgrade theirs to the AMG ones I have. Currently no ex-stock in the market at this point. As posted, last I checked for my particular rims, a set cost $4922 (includes GST w/o tires). Hence, somewhere around $3.8k OBO (or best offer), brand new tires inclusive, would be quite a reasonable deal for both parties I would reckon.
  13. Bro jtang is right, I believe for the 45s, there is option to come with the 19"... unfortunately, I didn't get the luxury of that choice, but mine are original AMGs (i.e. what you mentioned '18" 5 spoke star ones'), which as quoted from the shops (other than C&C's higher prices) cost almost $5k without tires...
  14. Have already ordered the AMG 19" Multispoke rims in black I hope it looks good!
  15. Also agreed bro, C&C is very ex! Am not sure if its a forged version or not, but as you can see from my first picture, which is taken from the MB brochure, the model and code no is listed there.
  16. Sorry bro, its definitely more than that, unless you have not included the tires. I've ordered my new 19" rims and they should be here in a few weeks, am not trading in the current AMG ones. But if the price is right, am more than happy to let one of our SGMERC bros have it for much less than the price if you would to buy it off a rim shop, if they even have the stock. Btw, this was a quote I got from BL: - Front axle: 7.5 J x 18, tyre size: 225/40 R 18 - Rear axle : 7.5 J x 18, tyre size: 225/40 R 18 = $ 4922 Set /Incl.GST ( excluding tyres )
  17. Haha, I didn't have a choice then. It came with this as the AMG standard line
  18. Is there one in my boot? Haha, I haven't checked as the car is not even a week old! No, as they are on run flat tires, there is no additional tyre. But if I find an additional AMG rim in there, they are yours to keep if you're buying the set, its only fair
  19. Hi bro! Yes they are certainly very nice, but I'm looking to change them to 19s ...
  20. Agreed, not looking for $7k (just stating quoted price from C&C all in), but a reasonable and fair offer for my 'good as new' set, which conversely are not available in the market, at least not immediately. Dealership quoted $6k for all four rims and $1400 for all tires, do the math, and I'm more than happy to negotiate for keen bros. Thanks to those that have expressed interest. Rims are ready to be installed anytime Cheers and TGIF!
  21. Just 'out of showroom' AMG Line 18" rims for sale, rims and tires for those that want to upgrade ... check out the WTS. Thank you
  22. My post is out bros! Thank you
  23. Looking to let go my brand new (only went from C&C to the tire/rim shop straight!) AMG rims with run flat tyres... Details below, watch for my posting soon in the WTS. Fastest fingers first! 4 x AMG 5-Twin Spoke Light Alloy Wheels (Standard AMG Line, Code: 794), comes with... Goodyear Eagle F1 225/40R/18 Run Flats