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  1. Jan 2019 GLC. Having this problem too. PI car. Just dropped by Optima. Apparently, this problem will be solved if we upgrade to the AMG brake kit. Damage around $1200. Any bros did that? Thanks
  2. Thanks. Seems like it’s the typical experience. At least ‘m not so jittery. First time buying from PI so a bit more cautious.
  3. I’m getting mine from Leco Prestige. How long have you been waiting?
  4. Thanks. Mine’s ready stock too and I pass by the car showroom frequently and I see it parked there. It’s been three weeks since I put deposit and that salesperson said they are still waiting for the Notice for Inspection front LTA.
  5. Hi, Is anyone waiting for the delivery of their new cars from PIs and experiencing delays because of inspection? Am waiting for the delivery and agent has been telling me there is a backlog at LTA side so things are being held up. Just wanted to see if anyone is also experiencing the same delays. Thanks and cheers
  6. Hi bro, 


    Saw your posting on the side steps or running board. May I know where you got yours eventually and how much was the damage, including installation? 

    How was it? Any review? 


    Thanks in advance. 



  7. Thanks bro!!
  8. Wah Liao... Sianzz... Thanks
  9. hey bros, Not sure whether anyone had this problem. The driver side car lock is totally not responsive to the remote or the internal lock buttons on the side of the door. It's only the driver side and the rest are fine. Would anyone know what might be the problem? Thanks
  10. Hi all, Any bros here upgraded to higher model? Can we use the same set up, I.e just replace the cam? Thanks
  11. Recently went for servicing and was told that my front absorbers are breaking down. Workshop quoted me $1300 incl labour. Is it reasonable? My ride is 09 W204
  12. Hi bros, Can I check with bros who have upgraded their dvr, whether the setup for old versions works for newer version? I'm currently on DR380 but because one of the screws frayed and I can't removed the cover to clean, I'm thinking of just changing the unit. Also to upgrade to better versions like 550. Thanks
  13. Thanks, decided to change two of the tyres (the punctured one and one other which already has cuts and tear on the side. Don't ask me how it happened:( ). Thanks all.