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  1. Anyone has one to sell please PM me. Thx lz
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    >> Post wrong folder.
  3. Gotten from a fellow forumer. Did not know till when i tried to install it, some clips were missing .. anyway.. It can still be installed. I can show you how as i installed on my previous ride w204 sedan, selling as my previous car now scraped and dont intend to install in current car. Come with replacement double side tape for you to DIY a bit. I can also show you how to do it. Instruction manual on installation of the shades will be provided. $50.00 c & c (Deal pending for Sean) to deal. Thanks regards PS : Shades are in good condition, no torn or defect. prefer to deal at my place in pasir ris.
  4. i drove my ex C180 W204 till scrap last week, 228, 000 km. I bought it when it was 4 years with 157 000 km. Adhoc stuff i did 1) change throttle value for supercharge 2) change head light 3) change suspension 4) Magnetic cam sensor, one pair (oil leak) 5) Air con blower That's about all i can rem besides the regular brakes pad, transmission servcing, engine servicing. Car never really gave me any problem. Either the previous owner maintain the car very well before i bought it or i am one hell of a lucky bloke. I drive abut 20 000 km a year(5 day a week, weekend not driven). Seldom rev the engine and very light footed. Car will come to complete stop before change gear. Merc is a pretty hardy car. My current car is another a C180 W204. I just love the car.
  5. you will need this part, but the one in the link cant fit your car cos it is for left hand drive. Year specific also. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MERCEDES-BENZ-W204-C-CLASS-CENTER-CONSOLE-CUP-HOLDER-TRIM-COVER-GENUINE-BLACK-/361957724519?hash=item54465c9167:g:DU8AAOSwvihY9rA3&vxp=mtr
  6. ok buddy .. mine is out too ... thanks
  7. Darksaint, when you say newer model, you mean which year ?
  8. i google and found this possible faults. - Most point faults to the fan at the condenser or faulty switch controlling that fan. https://www.google.com.sg/?gws_rd=ssl#q=why+air+con+is+cold+only+when+car+is+moving https://www.yourmechanic.com/question/air-conditioning-only-gets-cold-when-car-moving http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/435874-A-C-cold-when-car-is-moving-warm-at-a-standstill
  9. this is a tough one. You should consult a specialist to look into this. Good luck and do report back when it is solved.
  10. how about the condenser fan. I was told there is 2 step in the fan speed. When air con cuts in, it actually spin faster. Possible aircon filter or evaporator partial clog ? Happen both in recycle and fresh mode ?
  11. ouch crazy hot weather now, you should get a good mech to sort it out. PS : I had similar symptom a while back and the air con blower motor died. I doubt your fault is same as mine.
  12. Is the gear box oil replaced at the recommended servicing interval ?
  13. no issue so far. Frankly, it still look rather new. Don't think it will be worth the labour to sell my headlight. .
  14. i went for the oem(hella if i rem correctly) when i needed to replace my headlights, been working 4 years, no issue. Such a waste it is going to eol in 4 months.
  15. No buddy ... just coincidence in the name.