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  1. here you go https://www.knfilters.com/default.aspx
  2. Not allowed to BYO part. All items used by them are genuine, no oems parts used in servicing cars. i will be there soon for my servicing.
  3. AFAIK you can't play music this way via the aux cable. I rem back then when I was driving the preface-lift w204(2007), even plugging a audio signal straight into the aux also cannot work. PS, you referring to the 3.5 mm jack in the glove compartment ?
  4. Hi OP I send you a PM.
  5. Happen to my old car, the washer tank cracked after hitting something(but you have to diagnose what happen to yours. Do what a fellow former suggest top up and see if the floor beneath has water pooling) I was given 2 choices then, repair S$50.00 or new one $90 if i can rem correctly by the workshop. my car then left 3 months to scrap so i repaired and it lasted till it was sold to a dealer for scrap.
  6. Gauging interest(pending application approval via CFO) as considering to change to a another model. Should have done it 7 months ago. Long story. Car info >>2013/May, C180, Turbo, 7G -tronic, agent car. >>owners : 2 include me >>full AMG body kit >>mileage : 69 000 km (not adjusted or money back) >>ARF : S$31,400.00 >>Accident free. You can get your mech to check. All servicing and part changes done up to date against the mileage. keen please PM me to discuss. Thanks !
  7. if fog light (you referring to Day running light), it is automatic. i am assuming yours is the F/L version. If yours is the pre F/L, if i rem correctly on my old car, you need to "pull" out the light switch to operate the foglight. But pretty sure the control is in the rotary light switch.
  8. looks like a engine check light on. You should bring it to a work shop or C&C for diagnostic as to the reason why it is light up.
  9. No money for car servicing ... jk .... thinking of a boost gauge ...
  10. OP the pic says the rim is 17". Can you clarify for those keen ? thx
  11. ohh ... not again ... had a recall for my 2007 w204 back then about 2 years back by c&c for the air bag issue also.
  12. OP... my advise is to consult the specialist at a rim shop. The width of the rim can affect the height of the wall of the tyre.