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  1. if you dont mind a black one
  2. Hi OP, i goggled their website, the review of them seems ok. I am keen to buy the aircon cabin air filter. Please let me know if can tong pang you. Free shipping above $50. https://www.fitinpart.sg/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=108592 thanks
  3. i guess is CLA ... see his profile
  4. FC also depends on type of road, ie city or highway driving, also if or not you have a heavy right foot, rims size, tyre pressure, load, ... i was doing 11 to 12 litres per 100 km on my 9 years plus C200 W204 1.8 Kompressor.(now scrapped). Now i am doing 8 to 9 litres 100 km on my 4 years old C180 W204 1.6 turbo 7G. Fuel is Shell 95 for both the instances.
  5. i assume a scrap yard would be a good place to start ... Iirc .. not only merc has them, mitsubishi, Kia also has them ..
  6. here you go ... http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=115753
  7. I am surprise yours don't have. PI or agent ? In theory should be able to modify if the same model has this feature. you may need this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Left-Window-Switch-A2128208310-for-Mercedes-C-CLASS-W204-E-CLASS-W212-W207-/371783095226?epid=2105593139&hash=item568fffd3ba:g:b48AAOSwSzFZYV8C&vxp=mtr and foldable mirrors Suggest you check with the site sponsor(those with workshop) if they can help you.
  8. bump ..
  9. if you care referring to the auto fold when you close the door, it can be user selected. It may not be the same as your car, but the instruction in the video is somewhat the same. Once you select the feature, it will auto fold upon pressing the lock button on the key fob. It will unfold once you unlock the car, open the door and close the door. If you are referring to fold manually, you just need to press the button between the 2 wing mirror selection button. (Wing mirror selection button refers to the button which you need to select if you wish to adjust the mirror.
  10. You mean your 2013 C180 does not come with this feature ? Mine comes with the feature. Go thru your car manual or goole for it.
  11. It is not difficult to DIY but the mounting bolt can be quite tight. I suggest you to get it done by a mechanic. I PM you a experience mechanic whom do it for you. Should be $80 with obd reset. cheers.
  12. Thx buddy ..