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  1. SOLD.
  2. just to offer a possible "out of the box" explanation, my w204 FL also face this problem. After pondering over this issue, i gather it could be the car's system trying to cool down the "evaporator"(ie blowing air over it and cooling it down) before cutting in the air con. As the evaporator is hot(usually park a reasonable long time under the sun and you know is hot cos the air blowing out is quite hot), introducing cool air with the hot evaporator as such temperature extreme will cause material fatigue(rapid cooling of the metal material). I have lived with mine, so far so good, the air con is very cold, no complaint.
  3. try searching here https://ezbuy.sg/category/?keywords=mercedes&isPrime=false&ezspm=1.10000000.2.0.0
  4. curious, which model do you drive?
  5. hi buddy i suggest for front i reckon 8.5 JJ not less that 42mm, for 9.5 jj not less than 54 mm. But i reckon a sport rim shop can give you better advise. You should "put on" the wheel to see if the offset is ok. Rims with and without tires can make slight difference on the "flushless" with the fender due to tire design. ie some rims has rim protector like the PZ4 and can make the more "out" then it really it. hope this can help you. cheers.
  6. Ok sir, let me consider n come back to u. Thanks !
  7. hi was thinking if the floor mat will fit a w204 salon(front and back ? or front only). How much you asking if you dont mind me asking ? thanks
  8. "Front 19" 8J x 28 offset, rear 19" 8J x 35 offset" if you fit the other way round makes more sense. ie front more offset, back less offset. My experience is 8J offset 35 mm (flush with front fender, plus minus) or more. 235 on 8J may make the tire look a bit like "donut". IMOP, just thinking aloud. cheers lz
  9. my experience with driving 2 w204s, the air con is very good. It takes less time to cool the whole cabin down even though park under hot sun.