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  1. ohh ... not again ... had a recall for my 2007 w204 back then about 2 years back by c&c for the air bag issue also.
  2. OP... my advise is to consult the specialist at a rim shop. The width of the rim can affect the height of the wall of the tyre.
  3. My brother's car just kena. C Class, 7g tronic. Speed sensor at gear box malfunction. Is this a common issue with 7 G tronic gear box ? Common causes ? I have a 7 g tronic also that's y the question. thx for any input. regards lz
  4. It does say a mb dealer can disable it. Maybe u can look for particular sponsor/s of this site that can do programming might be able help u. Apparently from the link, it mentioned that it only works in the U.K....
  5. https://mbworld.org/forums/c63-c63s-amg/665387-traffic-sign-assist-inoperative.html
  6. picture on how it look would be great and also for what car ? Generic ? thanks lz
  7. Hi OP, can you please provide rotor size info, 2 piece rotor or normal 1 piece rotor construction ? Photo would really be great if you can post them. thanks lz
  8. Ok bro. Thanks for the advise. . Actually bi-xenon is good enough for me. Agree about the fire hazard. For sure staying away from LED unless factory type(and higher voltage lamps). I am in the lighting industries so knows the issues associated with LED.
  9. looking for OEM 2013 W204 Bi-xenon or ILS head light (pair). If you have lobang, please PM me. thanks !
  10. if you dont mind a black one
  11. Hi OP, i goggled their website, the review of them seems ok. I am keen to buy the aircon cabin air filter. Please let me know if can tong pang you. Free shipping above $50. https://www.fitinpart.sg/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=108592 thanks
  12. i guess is CLA ... see his profile
  13. FC also depends on type of road, ie city or highway driving, also if or not you have a heavy right foot, rims size, tyre pressure, load, ... i was doing 11 to 12 litres per 100 km on my 9 years plus C200 W204 1.8 Kompressor.(now scrapped). Now i am doing 8 to 9 litres 100 km on my 4 years old C180 W204 1.6 turbo 7G. Fuel is Shell 95 for both the instances.
  14. i assume a scrap yard would be a good place to start ... Iirc .. not only merc has them, mitsubishi, Kia also has them ..
  15. here you go ... http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=115753