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  1. Mercedes 17 inch stock rim. The model is not so common. Staggered. Front 225/17, back 245/17. Currently on my w204, the offset is nice, wheels not so sunken in as the previous stock rims, slight kerb rash at edges of the rims, besides that, no other issue. Tires are Conti maybe good for another 3 to 4 months depending on how you drive. Saw something i like in a shop so thinking of changing but need to gauge interest on my existing rims. Keen make offer to 8618 24 eight eight to discuss.What's app, may be delayed but i will get back to you. No low ballers please. Thanks.
  2. Hi, can u please share what was done ? How much did it cost n down time ?
  3. ok, thanks for your reply. How much did the compressor and labour cost ?
  4. Hi, did the Mech say what seal he changed ? I am curious. Also how much did the repair cost ? thanks
  5. free bump for you, useful display.
  6. just to offer a possible "out of the box" explanation, my w204 FL also face this problem. After pondering over this issue, i gather it could be the car's system trying to cool down the "evaporator"(ie blowing air over it and cooling it down) before cutting in the air con. As the evaporator is hot(usually park a reasonable long time under the sun and you know is hot cos the air blowing out is quite hot), introducing cool air with the hot evaporator as such temperature extreme will cause material fatigue(rapid cooling of the metal material). I have lived with mine, so far so good, the air con is very cold, no complaint.