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  1. there is an update to the engine liao e200 -197ps e300 - 258ps. no more e250 e200-253888 e300-278888
  2. the facelift will be a big one for the w213. new engine and completely different rear lights and front grille. but overtrade should be generous for the current w213 as it is reaching the lci now. believe it is possible to get 25k OT now or even more.
  3. Believe you are refering to the area where all the volume controls are located. I think that is not a matter of 2018 or 2019 model but rather the spec of the trimming. The silver trimming is a cost option like on this s class.
  4. think the widescreen is a must have for the e class. the new steering wheel is nice to have only. Meanwhile, the FaceLift is currently in the work. Coming in 2020
  5. pros : nicer cons: more expensive/ that's why it is only available on the E250 Avantgarde and E200 Exclusive and not E200 Avantgarde. can i ask if the current batch of e200 comes with the new steering wheel?
  6. How about for the singapore market in particular? With the ves, the c200 with the small 1.5 turbo engine may attract ves surcharge
  7. Anyone knows what are the available engines for the facelifted c class?
  8. how is the consumption of the e250 so far? The e200 is standard with widescreen cockpit now.
  9. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=710961&DL=1353 this PI used w213 is going for around the same depreciation as a 2013 E250
  10. It is a facelift that has more technical/engineering upgrade rather than cosmetic.
  11. Anyone going for the s class launch next monday?