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  1. Thanks everyone for your kind response. Rims are now sold. Thanks
  2. Hi, please text or whatsapp me at 91816466 for fast reply. My response to PM here might be slow as I do not check on the site often, thanks!
  3. PM me your offer, rims in good conditions except for small kerb rashes. Cheers.
  4. 17" Rims with tyres, 225/45R17, taken off my 2013 w204. A set of 4 , please offer, to let go immediately, thanks.
  5. pls PM me your better price
  6. pls PM me price for the front grill and bumper lip
  7. May I know why you are selling it after using it for just 3 months?
  8. Which model did you gentlemen booked with CnC ?
  9. Yes, wanted to update my GPS map too. Anyone done it DIY? Please share ! Thanks!
  10. Nevermind, bought the BOSCH wiper instead, waited too long for your reply
  11. PM me your best reduced price
  12. Pls quote me too, my 75k servicing due in 5k. Did major service at 60k.
  13. Read the warranty coverage for all Mercedes Benz vehicles leaflet from CnC. Stated clearly that engine mounting are classified under wear and tear items and are NOT covered under warranty. This was given to me when I bought my car last year August.