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  1. Hey bro, notice your tyre cap is in red, same goes to caliper. does it comes with it or you spray them?
  2. My previous ride from C&C came with huper optik and I find it no effect at all....so think I will skip that. So either 3M or Vkool....anyone can advise on the effect on gps?
  3. Thanks all bros! I decided to keep the 20' as it looks really cool with it hehehehhe
  4. Hi, appreacciate some advice here. I wanted to install vkool but read abt the gps issue. Anyone has this issue and care to share? else what are recommendation?
  5. Hi Michael, not recommended? I read alot of 20' vs 19', other than the look of it, it seems much better to go with 19' in terms of ride, fuel, mtce cost, etc. any opinion?
  6. Helll all, I m gettig my car and wanted to change to 19" so if anyone interested to buy my 20' amg rim, pls PM me your offer. Thanks.
  7. Bro care to PM me which PI you bought from? And price and specs if possible? Thanks so much.
  8. It seems only 10k diff if compare almost same specs. Some sell cheaper i suspect is used car. They ads stated Like Brand New. So I also dunno what to choose. Some need to wait long, some dont have colors. If wait might as well wait for C&C.
  9. holz

    GLC from C&C

    Hi, still available?
  10. Same here. Only bought from C&C before so abit worry for PI as we know many horror stories about PI so dunno which one are really reliable.
  11. Any good PI to recommend? Any ways to tell if those import used car are new or used with low millage?
  12. I cant find much info about the mirroring for apple, can provide more info?
  13. Hi, I have been looking around few PI and noticed some of them cheaper. Not sure it is due to it is Import Used Car as advertised? Actually what does it mean? It is used car or brand new? The PI told me is brand new. also for owners, care to share how you get gps from iphone on the head unit? It seems carplay is not supported so whats the best solution?
  14. Can stream gps via bluetooth?
  15. Hi, Im considering to buy GLC 250 and would like to check if can retrofit carplay (or with 3rd party ICE)? I read in forums and it appeared not supported as it is still audio 20 as the entertainment module. appreciate your reply. Thanks.
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