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  1. Nope. It's a w211 2009. No more warranty.
  2. Went to cnc. Diagnosed with their system $45. Changed new sensor $137.
  3. W211 2009. 750km to 800km from full tank to reserve tanks signal pop up. Caltex 98
  4. How long to do up a e200? Thanks
  5. Hi sherman, can quote for e200 n when u re open after cny? Thanks.
  6. After months of trying of claying, concentrate cleaners, change new wipers and fine grinding. I had changed to a new windscreen glass. Problem solved. But I Don understand why the glass will cause it juddering so bad?
  7. Hi rx7effini What's your contact for your new learher wrap?
  8. Hi rhymes, did they change new skin or just repair with the bubble skin?
  9. Finally I got my windscreen for polishing. It's a fine grain sand down. So far it's been 3 days n it's ok. Now wait for a heavy rain to test if it can sustain. Else I will change the windscreen.
  10. After trying claying and changing to new wipers, it's still jerking after a few wipes. Now I have the clean the windscreen weekly n add the gladco water repellent weekly. My mech tell me the last resort is change the windscreen.
  11. MT, how often a car need to be tune?
  12. Cleaned with the clay bar n used the glaco roll. Now need to try if it will get lesser or no jerking effect.
  13. Any clay bar? Any other sprays to recommend?
  14. When using nozzle spraying, it's ok n never have the jerking effect. It start to jerk after wiping awhile during raining day.
  15. After I changed my wipers, I have clearer view but the jerking of my wipers still persist. Anyone have this problem? Please advice.