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  1. Recently sometimes when the brake was applied gradually, it gave off squeaking sound. As it was brought to the attention of C&C SA, was told that such practices would have squeaking sound. One has to step hard on the brake pedal to avoid such unpleasant sound. Of course, did not buy such advice & true enough after the car went through servicing with adjustment to the brakes, the car is as quiet as a church mouse. Wondering if anyone of you experienced such incidents or had nonsensical 'professional advice?'
  2. Just ordered two premium 3D car mats for W213 which is arriving Oct or Nov. Intend to place ontop of each other to reduce sound & provide the most comfortable cushion ever. My previous W211 had 2 sets of 3M mats stacked on top of each other & great for sound absorption too.
  3. Wondering anyone have C&C installed the Diamond Grille package at Pandan Loop for W213 E class? The package is listed at $1,888 inclusive of GST and installation.
  4. Wonder anyone saw the 2019 new Merc with new head & tail lights design? Looks like Audi !
  5. We know for sure that all mercedes benz vehicles undergo stringent quality checks in Germany manufacturing workshop. Next someone would need to drive the vehicles up to the Vehicle Trailers to transport to shipment. Another person would also need to drive it to the Vessel before sailing across from Germany to Singapore. Again there will be another person driving the new car from the Vessel to the Holding Bay at Singapore Port & so on and so forth till it reach Singapore C&C Collection Centers. I believe all types of car would go through this same mode. At C&C Collection Center, the C&C Technical Specialists would do another stringent checks within the center but what I understand nobody would test drive each of the new car to ensure it is in tip top condition before delivery to the client. One of the main reasons is that they do not want their staff to test drive the new car to prevent unpleasant incident. So, as clients collect their new cars, they will feedback to C&C any unacceptable quality challenge when one experience it during the course of driving and the reason for giving warranty coverage to iron out any issues. However, through our experience, we have wasted precious ample time & efforts sending our new cars in & out of C&C. As this is the premium car, we would expect nothing less but the best quality in handling over to clients. Wondering if anyone has any better suggestions to C&C to improve on its overall quality standard? My suggestion to the Sales Person is as follows:- 1) I would make myself available once the new car is at the C&C Collection Center & test drive it together with their technical specialist for probably some appropriate distance (5 to 10 km) so that any unwanted noise, unacceptable vibration, none working gadget etc that is physically detected would be rectify by C&C before delivery. 2) Spend sometime with the technical specialist to learn all the necessary controls, tips of maximizing the vehicle. 3) Spend time with the technical specialist to show what are the quality check items. Above suggestions is my own as I have engineering background & proficient in auditing protocols. Any other suggestions &/or thoughts please?
  6. Majestic solid wooden teak dining table & robust chairs sitting in the courtyard under the cloudy sky. The length is 180cm but when extended fully to 240cm long it can comfortably sit 14 pax for our regular guest functions. Size: Length from 180cm to 240cm (71 inches to 94.5 inches) once extended. Width: 120cm or 47 inches Ht: 76cm or 30 inches. Sales: $2,399 (New is $4,500) Contact me for delivery schedule appointment. It is heavy and requires 4 persons to carry.
  7. Love at first sight with this beautiful jazz white marble dining table. To protect its natural marble colour, a clear tempered glass is laid ontop reflecting its beauty as one dig in for meals. Comes with 6 dark grey chairs to highlight the contrast of the magnificent jazz white marble. Size: 180cm x 90cm Ht: 76cm Sales: $1,399 (New is $3,745) Contact me for delivery arrangement schedule as it is heavy. Need 4 persons to move it.
  8. Wondering if anyone has installed sound proofing material in the front hood to reduce engine noise? Which workshop &/or DIY method? Material used? Regards.
  9. Sale only $1,999. The best massage chair ever with superb program for spine care, joint care, stress care etc. Adjustable shoulder and foot rest to accommodate different body sizes and heights. Zig-zag massage to give you stretching exercise. Heat therapy for total relaxation & detoxification. Ultimate foot massage rolls producing comfortably powerful massage. Ergonomically design to conform to our body shape. 3D massage to give you a virtual comprehensive human like hand massage. S-track providing 3D rollers to conform to our natural spine shape. Superb Zero Gravity massage to provide the least body pressure as you lay back to enjoy the personal massage feeling. Tailor made foot adjustment for different height users. Great Backrest Body Scanning program to reduce muscle stiffness/pain and improves lymphatic system. Variety of different massage program such as Chinese Massage, Balinese Massage, Thai Massage & Deep Tissue Mode. Finally, employing unique Light Emitting therapy such as Red Rays for recovery treatment; Blue Rays to induce relaxation & improving sleep; Green Rays to calm mind & relax muscle; or a combination of Blue, Red & Green Rays to improve sleep quality & harmonise energy.
  10. Sale only $100. Robust wooden professional table soccer on sale! Metal rods sliding through ball-bearing coupling for ease of play. Heavy solid wood material for stability. Height: 34" x Width: 29.5" x Length: 54" Self collect & installation (Needs 2 persons to carry).
  11. My guess is probably undercarriage, some loose exhaust part mechanism. The SE needs to test drive with you to detect audibly &/or do a full undercarriage examination in load condition. Our SE in Singapore is not up to mark with German standard, I think.
  12. My Guess, u have travelled 116km in total of 3hr 10 mins driving’s. Average consumption of only 5.4 litre of petrol for 100km & average speed of 36km/hr😀