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  1. Wondering if anyone has installed sound proofing material in the front hood to reduce engine noise? Which workshop &/or DIY method? Material used? Regards.
  2. Sale only $1,999. The best massage chair ever with superb program for spine care, joint care, stress care etc. Adjustable shoulder and foot rest to accommodate different body sizes and heights. Zig-zag massage to give you stretching exercise. Heat therapy for total relaxation & detoxification. Ultimate foot massage rolls producing comfortably powerful massage. Ergonomically design to conform to our body shape. 3D massage to give you a virtual comprehensive human like hand massage. S-track providing 3D rollers to conform to our natural spine shape. Superb Zero Gravity massage to provide the least body pressure as you lay back to enjoy the personal massage feeling. Tailor made foot adjustment for different height users. Great Backrest Body Scanning program to reduce muscle stiffness/pain and improves lymphatic system. Variety of different massage program such as Chinese Massage, Balinese Massage, Thai Massage & Deep Tissue Mode. Finally, employing unique Light Emitting therapy such as Red Rays for recovery treatment; Blue Rays to induce relaxation & improving sleep; Green Rays to calm mind & relax muscle; or a combination of Blue, Red & Green Rays to improve sleep quality & harmonise energy.
  3. Sale only $100. Robust wooden professional table soccer on sale! Metal rods sliding through ball-bearing coupling for ease of play. Heavy solid wood material for stability. Height: 34" x Width: 29.5" x Length: 54" Self collect & installation (Needs 2 persons to carry).
  4. My guess is probably undercarriage, some loose exhaust part mechanism. The SE needs to test drive with you to detect audibly &/or do a full undercarriage examination in load condition. Our SE in Singapore is not up to mark with German standard, I think.
  5. My Guess, u have travelled 116km in total of 3hr 10 mins driving’s. Average consumption of only 5.4 litre of petrol for 100km & average speed of 36km/hr😀
  6. May want to share which C&C workshop you sent it to. Heard that Pandan workshop is more professional. I don’t have such issue with existing E200 W211 which is almost 10 yrs old by next month. The new W213 will come by Oct earliest this year & will be totally dismayed if such unacceptable noise cropped up.
  7. According to SE, September most likely...
  8. Taken at Macau Firework Competition 2013 with Canon 1DX & 24-70mm f2.8 II USM.
  9. Got another quote from Khai Wah Battery & Tyres at $321 per piece. Care to share the best quote for the same model and rating?
  10. Same size at 245/45 R17 around S$345 per piece from BENG HENG TYRES BATTERIES PRIVATE LIMITED BLK 32 SIN MIN DRIVE #01-337 SIN MIN INDUSTRIES ESTATE 64576337
  11. Wondering if anyone is using the Michelin Primacy 3 ST for E200 merc? Priority is quietness, follow by performance for wet and dry weather condition. Thanks. Came across this link and looks pretty amazing.