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  1. Haizzzz would really like to join you guys. But I am going to watch the ONE CHAMPIONSHIP at Indoor stadium at 7pm. Maybe after that I will coe and look for you guys. By the way will you guys stay till late?
  2. ops today I am going to INDOOR STADIUM to watch the ONE CHAMPIONSHIP at 7pm. What time will you guys stay till?
  3. akiri07

    My new ride

    Nice colour.
  4. Hi Guys just saw this thread. So is there any meet up soon? Join this forum 2 year ago. still don't have any chance to go for a meet up.
  5. No is not from the cat. They say most prob is when the car deliver from Europe to Singapore than some substance penetrate into the bonnet.
  6. Hi any bro car have this stain on their bonnet. Haizzzz spot this round stain on the bonnet last week. This stain is only visible when you look at it at a certain angle. It is obvious during night time. I spot it when I park at the open space carpark when the light from the lamp post shine on it. when you use flash light to take a photo on it. It will appear a round shape in the middle of the bonnet. Than bring back to C&C they also took quite long to spot it. Now they say have to respray the whole bonnet.Super unhappy to hear that because my car is only 3 month old. Any bro here can try to take a photo at night to see wether there will be a stain on it. If possible white CLA will be the best. Do let me know wether you guys have the same round stain on their bonnet. THANKS
  7. Thanks bro. You change it yourself? Is it hard to install ( if you DIY)?
  8. Nice. Where do you bought it? Thinking to buy from ebay. But the seller say cannot fit CLA 200. Bro Your ride is CLA 200 OR CLA 45?
  9. Thanks bro. Haizzzz far different from what they say. 1 liter 17-18km.
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