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  1. NSHW Morning Run 1) snsd555 2) chris 3) odessus 4) markcwq 5) keltanky 6) yc3333 7) blackmerc 8) paladin 9) tekku 10) merczai (lai liao lo.. finally ) 11) Sagiko 12) LucasWYS.10D (1st timer, Do guide me along. 13) merci (1st timer and I got my walkie!) 14) cts1984 15) asiadj 16) jarebbsg (我也要)
  2. Google it. You can find its AD in Singapore.
  3. Participants: 1) yc3333 2) tekku 3) blackmerc 4) dzw 5) 6) 7) 8) merczai 9) 10) cts1984 (KIV)
  4. Jarebbsg


    mosquito fogger nearby....lol
  5. Wah...u all went back already. Only see Hyundai group now.
  6. i hope i can e-scooter there and join you guys later about 9pm after dinner.
  7. i am using K&N and had sent my car in several times for servicing without any issues. They are nice to inform me that they did not change the set of air filters as mine is K&N. It is best you change the filters yourself if you could. i do not think C&C will help you change stock parts to 3rd party parts unless you know them personally and they do not mind to do you a favor.
  8. Bro, it's base on your luck. Being lucky is very important. Personally I place my bets at Panda Loop.
  9. I'm getting alot of sound the higher gear I engaged. Lol. Merry Christmas everyone! !!
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